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Traditional or Modern Gates – Which one is Right for your Garden or Driveway?

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Despite the fact there are literally thousands of gate designs on the market you will find that they can generally be classed under 2 main categories. The first one being traditional gate designs. Most of these have a conservative appearance or decorative scrollwork to give the illusion of a wrought iron. In comparison the second category which can be broadly classified under the guise of modern gate designs have more contemporary features such as that seen in our Verona and Picasso garden gates. In addition to this we also find that designs that are made up of a mixture of metal and timber components also tend to have a more contemporary appearance.

So, whether you have modern or traditional tastes keep reading to learn more about which one will be right for your garden or driveway.

Traditional Gate Designs

Gates that fall into this category have a timeless appeal and will blend well in many residential environments including properties located in both the urban and rural location.

 Curved wooden driveway gates in a traditional style

For example, if you have a period town house then chances are that when it was first built it would have had a wrought iron gate to define the boundary of the property. However, over time, this may have been stolen, damaged or rusted away. If this sounds like your home, then a similar replacement will be in keeping with the property. Although it might be you have more contemporary tastes don’t be tempted to choose anything with a modern twist as it will stand out like a sore thumb. In these instances, we think the Marlborough driveway gates and the Manor garden gate are the most practical and affordable options however if your budget will stretch to it then our heavy duty premium range of gate designs such as the Royale Premier or Royale Talisman will look simply amazing. Alternatively, if you have a rural property the natural grains and designs of a simple wooden gate are very popular, have a timeless appeal and are very reasonably priced.

Modern Gate Designs

Do you live on a new housing estate or have an up to date architect designed home? If so then a modern gate design is something that should not be overlooked. This is because property developers tend to put the cheapest gate they can on to save costs so if your home could do with a facelift a gate with a modern twist makes a great focal point to the entrance of the driveway or garden.

Picasso modern metal driveway gates

Where applicable, features to look out for are circular metal work, ball top finials and modern infill panels seen on the Abbey, Verona and Windsor garden gates. As an alternative, if you would prefer a slightly softer look then the mix of timber and metal featured on the Bordeaux wooden driveway gates or the Vertifleur side gate work well and are worth considering.

Gates for Every Property

Whatever design is your preferred option the team at Garden Gates Direct are confident we will have an affordable option to suit your tastes, needs and budget so why not take a look through our huge range of modern and traditional gate designs to see what we have to offer or simply get in touch today to discuss your requirements if you don`t have time to search online.