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Wrought iron has long been praised for its strength and durability, and understandably so. It has been used as a building material since the earliest days of civilisation. 

Adding metal gates and railings to your property can add style, security, privacy and value, especially if the railings are of the highest quality, complementing the architectural style of your building. With such a huge range of styles to choose from, it has become a lot easier to find the right design for your home, but should you jump ahead with a new set of railings before sparing a thought for planning permission?

Home is where we should feel safe, happy and secure. It’s natural to want to take your property’s security into your own hands, and there are many different approaches you can take. 

It may not be the most exciting addition to a garden, but fencing is crucial to ensuring privacy, safety and security. Many homeowners in the UK take pride in their gardens, and fences are crucial to create an outdoor haven that’s warm, welcoming and characterful.

Many people know that metal driveway gates are made to be strong, offering exceptional security, however, they can also complement new, traditional and historical homes. Whether you are looking to add value to your house, boost protection or enhance privacy, metal driveway gates can set the tone for your home.

With the right fencing, you can maximise security, improve safety and elevate the look of your home.

The majority of garden fences in the UK are constructed of timber, yet you can also discover a wide range of metal fencing too. Steel and wrought iron are two of the most popular materials used. Wrought iron is more naturally resistant to shock and vibration, yet it can be prone to rust (if it’s not well-maintained), but both materials can provide strength, durability and style. With metal fencing becoming increasingly popular, we’ve highlighted some of the key advantages:

It's summer, and you'll find yourself spending more time in the garden. You may begin to spot elements that look a little worse for wear after a hard winter and a wet spring. If your garden fence is looking a little worn out, there are a few simple ways you can make your fence look fresh again, right in time for the height of summer.

Residential metal railings have long been popular in the UK, particularly for country homes and estates with large grounds. They are, however, much more versatile today, adding height to boundary walls to separate decked areas, lawn borders or patios. They can add security, privacy and style to homes of all sizes and designs.

Aluminium is well known for being incredibly lightweight – it is, for example, three times lighter than iron. Many people believe investing in a heavy metal gate is best for security, and while this may be true in some industrial settings, aluminium’s lighter weight often makes it the perfect choice for many homes.

According to a report by Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch, one in three adults has been a victim of neighbourhood crime, whilst 41% of those individuals were victims of burglary. These alarming figures show just how important it can be to ensure your garden is as secure as it be, and thankfully with technological advancements and high quality products, it is possible to tighten security measures and keep your home and your family safe. Below are just a few of the top ways to keep your garden secure.