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Manor Metal Garden Gate

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Manor Metal Garden Gate

The Manor Metal Garden Gate is available in various sizes to suit many residential applications. It has been designed for aesthetics and durability - the ball top finials add a contemporary touch to any location. In contrast, the simple design allows it to blend easily into any surroundings. It benefits from a solid welded steel framework and durable black powder-coated paint finish, making it ideal for traditional properties and modern landscaping environments.

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The Manor Metal Garden Gate is one of our best-selling products because of its widespread appeal. It has a timeless appearance and features vertical infill bars made of solid steel and finials with balls on top. The gate is ideal for enhancing security at narrow pedestrian entries and footpaths and will offer a cost-effective way to safeguard your property without sacrificing style, functionality, or value. The robust 25mm x 10mm steel framework and 12mm infill bars offer strength and rigidity. At the same time, the durable zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish provides corrosion protection. The Manor metal gate is easy for you to install on a DIY basis. It includes surface-mounted hinge and latch components that you can fix onto existing masonry, metal, or timber surfaces.

Manor Wrought Iron Style Garden Gate Specification

  • The simple design elements ensure this product is suitable for front entrances, paths and pedestrian access points.

  • It is manufactured to a high standard to ensure durability, security, and aesthetic appeal.

  • The gate comprises a 25mm x 10mm solid metal framework and 12mm infill bars.

  • A single row of ball top finials creates a timeless finishing detail.

  • It includes adjustable hinges, a tip latch mechanism and a wall-mounted receiver plate.

  • Suitable for hanging left or right-handed.

  • The low-maintenance zinc plated (electro-galvanised) and black powder-coated paint finish looks great and provides added protection against the elements.


Physical Height 

  • 914mm (36")



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): The widths in the drop-down menu relate to the opening size required between brickwork or existing posts. We have already included the space used by the hinges and latch in these measurements. There are no further adjustments or allowances required for these components.

  • Physical Height: This is the exact height of the gate. It is from the bottom of the framework to the top of the finials. This dimension does not include any space required for ground clearance.

Refer to the measuring guide if you need help with ordering sizes

Example Ordering Size

You must order a gate that will "fit an opening of 1067mm" if the gap between brick walls or existing posts is 1067mm wide.

Do You Need to Install Metal Posts?

You must use metal posts if you fit the gate in an area without adequate support. If this applies to your installation, please be aware that these components will use more space.

Example: When ordering a gate to fit an opening of 1067mm together with 2 x 50mm posts, you will need an overall space of 1167mm.



Are You Searching for Supplementary Information?

We have worked very hard to ensure you have access to a multitude of information in our online shop. It is possible to find a measuring guide, a comprehensive buying guide, installation instructions, a FAQ page, and much more. On the other hand, contact us if you have any questions about this product or need additional support.

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Our website also includes a great deal of additional helpful hints and information pages. Listed below are some of our most popular support pages.



Important Details About the Manor Metal Garden Gate 

Fittings: This product includes the hinge and latch components as standard. We do not provide the screws or bolts you'll need to securely connect these parts to your chosen support structure (such as masonry or posts).

Metal Posts: To provide the necessary support, you must ensure that your posts are of the appropriate size and shape. You must use concrete to reinforce these components once they are buried in the ground.

Installation: Before beginning the installation, ensure the structure to which you are attaching the fittings will provide sufficient support. Always adhere to the product's instructions and install the gate with the proper fasteners. 

Width: The dimensions with "fits opening" specify the opening size or gap needed for the gate to fit. We have already included the space required for the hinges and latch in these proportions. It does not denote the physical width of the produtct. If you still need clarity on what this means, read our instructions on selecting the appropriate size.

Painting: The Manor design is zinc-plated and powder-coated with black paint during manufacture. This helps prevent rust and eliminates the need for additional painting before installation.

See how to measure the opening


Adjustable hinges and latch fitting diagram



Universal metal post fitting guide



Go to the measuring guide - Click here

When installing the Manor garden gate in a location without a suitable fixing point or with no existing structure to offer support, you will need to purchase metal posts. In these situations, please choose one of the following options.