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Abbey Metal Garden Gate

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Abbey Metal Garden Gate

The Abbey Metal Garden Gate is a unique and stylish solution to providing your garden privacy, security and character. It is available in a choice of sizes to suit most household settings and has a low-maintenance zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish as standard. Furthermore, with its solid steel construction and dramatic gothic arch design, coupled with decorative gothic arch infill panels, it will undoubtedly add character to any home's exterior

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The Abbey Low Bow Metal Garden Gate is an excellent choice for the property owner looking to make a bold design statement to any pedestrian entrance around their home or garden. It features a dramatic gothic arch and a decorative infill panel for a striking appearance, whilst the solid steel construction and powder-coated paint finish will provide a robust and long-lasting impression. The gate has a 25mm x 6mm flat bar solid metal framework, 10mm round metal infill bars and a 6mm decorative infill panel. It includes surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a universal latch mechanism to enable easy DIY installation onto various suitable surfaces, including metal posts, timber supports or masonry surfaces. 

Abbey Modern Low Bow Garden Gate Specification

  • The eye-catching wrought iron style design creates a beautiful focal point for any garden entrance.

  • Suitable for a variety of home and garden locations.

  • Low maintenance zinc plated (electro-galvanised) steel construction with a black powder-coated paint finish.

  • The Abbey design utilises a 25mm x 6mm framework combined with a mix of 10mm and 6mm infill bars.

  • This product includes a pair of surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a universal latch.

  • The gate is suitable for left or right-hand hanging, depending upon your preferences.

  • Available to purchase online in a choice of sizes to suit a variety of opening widths.


Physical Height

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 914mm (3ft) has a Physical Height of 1340mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 991mm (3ft3") has a Physical Height of 1378mm



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): These dimensions denote the opening size required between your brick walls or existing support posts. The space taken up by the hinge and latch elements is included within the measurements displayed. You do not need further adjustments or calculations for these items.

  • Physical Height: This dimension is from the top of the arch to the underside of the framework. You will need to allow additional height for ground clearance.

Read the metal gate measuring guide - click here

Example Ordering Size

If the gap between your masonry walls is 914mm, you must order the gate that will "fit an opening of 914mm".

Do You Need to Install Metal Posts?

If you fit the gate in an environment without sufficient support, you must install metal posts. If this applies to your installation, kindly be aware that these components will take up more room.

Example: A gate to fit an opening of 914mm combined with 2 x 50mm posts will need a total space of 1014mm.



Do You Need More Details Before Ordering?

To ensure you order the right product to suit your requirements, we have provided you with many helpful information pages in our web store. Our easy-to-understand measuring guide will help you select the correct size. For general information, refer to the buying guideinstallation instructions and FAQ section. Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form if you need more information about this product or have any additional concerns.

We have a made to measure service available - Click here for more information

Our website also has many additional educational resources and valuable information pages. A sample of some of our most popular help pages is presented below.



Essential Information About the Abbey Low Bow Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Gate

Fittings: You will receive a wall-mounted receiver plate, a pair of surface-mounted adjustable hinges, mounting brackets, and a latch mechanism. To attach these components to your chosen support structure, you will need the appropriate screws, which are not included.

Metal Posts: You must choose posts that are the appropriate size and height for the installation. If you're utilising in-ground posts, you'll need to dig holes big enough to accommodate them before making sure they're stable by adding concrete reinforcement.

Installation: To ensure safety, use the correct fixings to install the gate properly. You should always adhere to the installation instructions provided with the product when assembling. Before installation, ensure your structure has enough strength to guarantee the hinge and latch components are adequately secured.

Width: Before placing an order, thoroughly and precisely measure your opening. To be clear, we'll repeat it: the "fits opening" measurements refer to the distance you need between the existing brickwork or other support structures. It does not denote the physical width of the gate alone. If you need clarification, we ask that you refrain from ordering until you have read and understood our guide on choosing the correct size.

Painting: The material used for the Abbey metal garden gate is rust-resistant zinc-plated steel painted with a black powder-coat finish. It won't require any further painting before installation and will offer improved levels of protection against rust and corrosion.

How to measure the opening diagram


Adjustable hinges and latch fitting diagram



Universal metal post fitting guidelines



Go to the measuring guide if you need help and advice choosing the right size

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