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If you are looking to find useful information relating to our products or would like to learn about simple ways of improving home and garden security then take a look at some of the pages below. Covering many subject such as choosing the right size, caring for the gate, general security advice and many other useful topics there is sure to be something of interest to any home improvement enthusiast looking to further their knowledge base.



How to Select the Correct Gate Size

This easy to understand article contains information on how to select the correct gate size to suit a given requirement.


Common Styles of Garden Fencing

Interested in replacing your garden fencing? Read this article to find out the variety of styles available to you.


How to Care for Garden Gates

Looking for details on how to care for you new garden gates? Click here to find out what steps we recommend.


Garden Security – Take Adequate Precautions Now

This article looks at general garden security and the precautions you can take to reduce the chance of being targeted by criminals.


What Makes a Quality Wooden Garden Gate

Are all gates built to the same standard? Click here to read details of what to look out for when selecting a quality wooden garden gate.


Easy Ways to Secure the Boundary of your Property

Do you continually get animals and trespassers in your garden? Click here to find out easy ways to secure the boundary of your property.


How to Prolong the Life Expectancy of Metal Gates

Looking to prolong the life of your metal gates? Take a look at this article showing the maintenance work you should be carrying out.


Wooden Garden Gates v`s Metal Garden Gates

Looking for a new garden gate but can`t decide between wood and metal? Read this article making a comparison of the two different materials.


The Maintenance Aspects of Wooden Gates

If you have recently purchased a new wooden gate we advise you to read this article detailing the maintenance aspects of the product.


How to Select the Right Gate Design for your Home

Need a gate for your home and garden but don’t know what to choose? Take a look at this page detailing ways to choose the right design.


The Hidden Dangers of Automated Gates

Automating gates on a DIY basis can pose many problems in terms of safety of the user. Click here to find out the hidden dangers.


How to Install Wall Mounted Timber Posts

Need to install wall mounted timber posts to hang your gates from? Click here to find out the easiest way to install them on a DIY basis.


How to Install Single Metal Garden Gates

Fitting a metal gate is easy and can be completed by any homeowner who has access to a few basic tools. Click here to find out the process.


How to Install Double Metal Driveway Gates

Read this article to learn the easiest way of installing new metal driveway gates to the main entrance of your property.


How to Install Below Ground Timber Posts

If you have a requirement to install wooden posts into the ground we recommend you read this page showing the correct way to do so.


Residential Gate and Fence Security

What you need to know about Gate and Fence Security.


Can you Repair a Damaged Gate?

Repairs vary from replacing broken parts, repainting, to possibly installing a completely new gate. Find out the best course of action here.


How Long Does it Take to Install a Gate?

Fitting a new gate may take a few hours or several days depending on the type you choose. Learn more in this easy to understand guide.