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Measuring Guide

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Measuring Guide

Choosing the right size is essential to ensure you get the perfect fit for your products. We have therefore created a range of comprehensive measuring guides to help you select the correct size gates, fencing and railings. To fully understand "how to measure the openings" when ordering different products, choose the appropriate measuring guide from the options below.

Single Metal Gate - Measuring Guide

Single Wooden Gate - Measuring Guide

Double Metal Gates - Measuring Guide

Single metal gate measuring guide - Click here

Learn how to measure the opening when installing a single metal gate to brickwork or posts.

Single wooden gate measuring guide - click here

Discover how to properly determine the correct size to order for a single wooden gate.

Click here to view the double metal gate measuring guide

Find out how you measure the opening when installing to brick walls or freestanding posts.

Double Wooden Gates - Measuring Guide

Metal Fencing - Measuring Guide

Metal Railings - Measuring Guide

See how to measure the opening for double wooden gates

See the process that is required to establish the correct ordering size for double wooden gates.

Learn how to establish the correct size to order with our metal fencing measuring guide

Easily determine the correct number of metal fencing panels you will need for your project.

Learn how to correctly order metal railings when mounting to posts or direct to brick pillars.


Quick Reference Measuring Guide

Metal Gates, Fencing & Railings

Regardless of whether you are fitting a single metal gate, double gates, metal fence panels or garden railings the process detailed below will be the same. Simply find the one that applies to you and follow the instructions shown.

Fitting between existing structures - For gate installations that are to be fitted between existing walls or pillars all you need to do is measure the exact gap size and this will give you the ordering width. It really could not be any easier than that.

Fitting between existing metal posts – Repeat the process above only this time measure from the inside of one post to the inside of the other. Please note that you will probably need to remove existing hinge pins as that new gate you order wont necessarily have the hinges in the same position.

No existing structure in place – This kind of installation will require the addition of metal posts to provide support therefore the space they will take up needs to be accounted for. To do this measure the total space you have available then deduct the width of the posts from this to give you your ordering width / gap size. If you need help with this method of installation please contact us for assistance.

metal gates measuring guide

Examples (when using posts)

  • Single: A gate to fit a 3ft gap combined with 2 x 2" posts will require a total space of 3ft 4" (width of 2 x posts and the gate)
  • Double - Gates to fit a 10ft opening combined 2 x 3" posts will require a total space of 10ft 6" (width of 2 x posts and the gates).



Wooden Gates

Before you read any further it is important to point out that all the wooden gate designs shown on the website are listed as the physical width and height of the product and NOT the structural opening width. We have made no allowance for the hinges and latch.

Fitting between existing timber posts – Simply measure the internal distance between the posts then deduct ½” from this measurement (for single gate installations) or 1 ½” for double gate installations) to find your ordering size.

No timber posts in place – In this instance you will need to establish the total space you have available then deduct the width of the posts you are using. Once this has been established repeat the process detailed above.

wooden gate measuring guide


Double – A pair of 8ft wooden driveway gates fitted to 2 x 6" timber posts, will require a total space of 9ft 1 1/2" to be installed correctly (the width of 2 x posts, the width of the gates and an extra 1 1/2" for the hinges and latch).

Single - 3ft wide wooden garden gates installed using 2 x 4" timber posts, will require a total space of 3ft 8 1/2" to be installed correctly (the width of 2 x posts, the width of the gate and an extra 1/2" for the hinges and latch).



Information Relating to Heights

Please be aware that we list the height of the gates in 2 ways.

Physical Height: Where the height is referred to in this manner we have made no allowance for ground clearance. This means that once installed the fitted height will be approx 2” larger than that stated.

Height (once installed): Products shown in this way already include an allowance for ground clearance. This means the physical height will be approx 50mm smaller than that stated.

Important Points to Remember

  • When measuring for your new gate, fencing or railings it is essential that the opening is measured in at least 3 places. We usually suggest top, middle and bottom. The smallest measurement should then be used for ordering purposes. (If the measurement is not the same width for the full height of the opening packers may be required).
  • Certain products are heavy and will require a suitably strong surface to be fixed to. As such, prior to installation, make sure that the existing posts or pillars are of adequate strength. Should new posts be required, we can supply these in a range of sizes, heights and designs to complement the chosen style.
  • Where posts are required, ensure the additional space they need is taken into account when ordering.

If you are still unsure about the size that you need please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email and will will offer any help or advice you need.

We have a made to measure service available - Click here to find out more details