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Made To Measure Gates

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Made to Measure Gates, Fencing & Railings

Although the Garden Gates Direct website has hundreds of size and style combinations for sale, there will be instances where a standard product will not fit. Consequently, we have a popular made-to-measure service that enables you to order your desired product in the exact size you require (manufacturing limitations apply).

Bespoke gates during manufacture Timber gate components ready for construction Made to measure metal gate components cut to size

Should you wish to take advantage of this service, please email or fill in our enquiry form. We will be delighted to provide you with a competitive quote.

When doing so, we will need the following information from you.

  • Your preferred design ✓

  • The width of the opening you need to span ✓

  • The desired height of the gate, fence or railing ✓

Please also provide us with information regarding the need for metal posts so we can include these in the quote.

We can provide you with a plan drawing if you have complex requirements or several items required to form a single elevation. This will allow you to check we have entirely understood your requirements.

Metal components stacked ready for manufacture Custom built wooden gates showing mortise and tenon jointed framework Made to measure railings on the build table during manufacture

Send us a message today to obtain a quote - Click here to fill in the enquiry form

Custom Gate Designs & Made to Measure Examples

In addition to our popular made-to-measure service, we can also offer a choice of bespoke gate designs. So if you see a gate, fence or railing style you like but want to omit a particular aspect or have a specific plan in mind, please feel free to contact us. We will see if this is something we can supply. Here are some examples detailed below.

Royale Premier Bi Folding Gates

This imposing bi-folding gate design is a modified version of the standard Royale Premier Estate Gates. The gates take up half the space of a normal pair and look great too. They are manufactured using heavy-duty solid steel components to provide a robust and secure physical barrier to the property's entrance. 

Royal Premier bi folding wrought iron double gates Royal Premier made to measure customer bi folding gate design Royal Premier made to measure double bi folding gates fitted to brick pillars

Arched Top Iroko Hardwood Driveway Gates

These bespoke arched top iroko hardwood driveway gates have been made with a large bottom rail to allow for underground automation. They feature the optonal horns, have a robust mortise and tenon jointed framework and have createed an eleganct and secure entrance to the property

Arched top Iroko hardwood driveway gates

Extra Wide Made to Measure Royal Ascot Metal Side Gate and Security Side Panels

This installation is located between 2 buildings, both with a plinth course of brickwork at the bottom (making the gap smaller at the bottom than at the top). The customer decided on an extra wide Royale Ascot Wrought Iron Side Gate in a modified design combined with matching side infill panels. As you can see, the metal panels at the side have been manufactured to follow the contours of the brickwork, thus helping to maximise security. The results are eye-catching and form a secure physical barrier, especially given that a heavy-duty mortise lock has also been added.

Bespoke Wooden Estate Gate & Fence Design

These pressure-treated wooden driveway gates feature decorative metal panels and look simply fabulous. They have a mortise and tenon jointed frame and horizontal boards, with the gate lines reflecting that of the custom-built fence adjacent to them.

Custom made wooden estate gates and fence with decorative metal top rails

Bespoke Side Garden Gate

This simple yet effective gate design, constructed to a one-off design using 40mm x 10mm flat bar frames, is more of a decorative piece than an effective security barrier. Despite this, the contrasting appearance with the wooden fence panel at the side is something we like.

Bespoke Oak Wooden Field Gates with Arched Hanging Stiles

These high quality oak field gates have been made to provide security to a reidential driveway. They feature 125 x 61mm main stiles with the top rails constructed from Engineered timber. This method of construction ensures theyremains straight and resistant to twisting.

Oak 5 bar hardwood field gates

Customised Royale Grange Courtyard Entrance Gates

Unlike many driveways, this property features a courtyard-style entrance. As such, the homeowner struggled to find a standard design that would match the shape of the brick arch. The key brick in the centre sticks down into the opening to further complicate things. However, this is the result after the customer made a few careful calculations. 

Made to measure Royal Grange wrought iron courtyard driveway gates

Spear Top Wrought Iron Gate and Infill Panel

Due to the position of the rainwater pipe and the need to have the gate open into the garden, this customer opted for a modified Saxon metal side garden gate. It is slightly stood away from the wall using a matching infill panel and post set into the ground. Featuring a medium specification 25mm x 10mm frame and 12 mm infill bars, security is enhanced with fleur-de-lys finials, an integral sliding latch, and an upgraded weld-in box section lock.

Bespoke side garden gate with spear top metal infill panel

Made to Measure Drayton Wooden Driveway Gates, Side Gate and Fence Panel

This gate design is handmade by skilled joiners with fine attention to detail. It will provide optimum levels of privacy and security. Manufactured from durable pressure-treated timber, these bespoke Drayton Wooden Estate Gates are fitted to 6” x 6” oak posts. A customised matching timber fence panel was also constructed using the exact timber specification as the gates. This considers the low brick wall that houses a utility box. The homeowner also specified a matching side gate; however, you will note that the hinges are visible on the front face due to the requirement to open them outwards.

Custom Designed Royale Talisman 2/3rd to 1/3rd Split Driveway Gates

Rather than having a matching pair of gates, this customer opted for something different in requesting an uneven split between the two leaves. This configuration is ideal where regular pedestrian access is required as it removes the need to have a large swinging radius on the smaller section. It is also popular where an obstruction on the driveway may restrict the operation of the gate. Whilst the Royale Talisman Arched design is shown, we can offer this opening configuration on pretty much any of our styles. 

Royal Talisman 2/3rd to 1/3rd split wrought iron driveway gates in a made to measure size

Made to Measure Marlborough Bi Fold Metal Drive Gates

With the need to span a larger than standard opening, this customer in Scotland opted for an upgraded version of the bi-fold gates in the Marlborough design. Fitted onto sturdy 100mm x 100mm posts, the gates feature a box section frame to provide the added rigidity required to span a 14 ft opening.

Made to measure Marlborough Bi Folding Double Metal Driveway Gates fitted to wall mounted metal posts

Derbyshire Double Wooden Gates

This handmade set of Derbyshire double wooden gates has created a stunning entry to this house. They are made of pressure-treated timber and are attached directly to wooden posts using hook and band hinges.

Derbyhire made to measure double wooden gates with a pressure treated timber construction

Bordeaux Bi-Folding Wooden Driveway Gates

Due to its smaller opening radius than a regular pair of gates, these pressure-treated Bordeaux bi-folding wooden driveway gates are ideal for short driveways. They are simple to open and shut, look excellent in any setting, and allow the maximum opening width to be maintained thanks to the hinges placed on the pillars' rear faces.

Bordeaux cutom made bi folding drive gates

Made to measure Bordeaux wooden gates in a bi fold design

Bespoke Abbey Metal Fence Panels

These custom-made Abbey metal fence panels, measuring 6ft in height, with bolt-down posts, were manufactured and delivered to a customer for use in their garden to create a dog training enclosure. To support the panels, we also supplied custom-made bolt-down posts to enable installation directly onto their pre-existing stone paving.

Bespoke abbey metal fence panels and posts Bepoke Abbey metal fencing design

Corfe Made to Measure Side Gate with Integral Lock

This tall metal side gate in the Corfe design is made to the customer's exact width requirements. The hinges are attached directly to the brick wall, and the latch and weld-in lock close against a custom-made metal post.

Cofre meade to measure metal side gate with integral lock

Close up of weld in lock

Hampton Bi-Fold Gates with a Sloping Bottom Rail

These Hampton bi-folding gates with a sloping bottom rail maximise the available parking space on the driveway and follow the contours of the opening to achieve an even gap at the bottom for ground clearance.

Hampton bi folding gates with a sloping bottom rail following driveway contours