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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for help and advice prior to ordering one of our products, take a look at some of the frequently asked questions below to see if your query is answered.

What Products are Available to Order Online?show

We offer a wide selection of wooden and metal gates in various modern and traditional designs. A range of aluminium gates is now also available. All our designs have a wide choice of size combinations and an endless range of made-to-measure sizes therefore, we are confident that we can meet the needs of all residential properties at an affordable price. 

To complement these products, we have a variety of metal railings and fence panels for sale that will provide an effective means of securing the perimeter of your property whilst retaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How are the Products Finished?show

Metal Gates, Fencing and Railings

Unless stated otherwise, these products are primed black with an undercoat. They will need to be treated with a minimum of 2 coats of high-quality enamel paint to ensure proper levels of protection against the UK weather. Please note we recommend you do this before installation as this proves far more straightforward, and you will achieve more professional results. Where required, we can also offer a factory-painted option removing the need for finishing before installation. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, contact us to obtain a price for the particular product you are interested in.

Wooden Gates

Unless the description states otherwise, timber products are supplied in a smooth planed natural finish ready for painting, staining or varnishing to the desired shade or colour. Please note that to achieve the best levels of protection against the elements, we suggest you apply the finish before attaching any hinges or fittings. These areas can become prone to rot if not adequately protected.

Aluminium Gates

These designs have a hardwearing powder-coated paint finish as standard.

What are the Products Made From?show

Our range of high-quality products are made from various materials, including metal, aluminium and timber or, in some cases, a combination of the two materials. To find out the exact specification of the gate, fence or railing you are interested in purchasing; please look for this information within each product description.

Our products range from lightweight ornamental gates to heavy-duty wrought iron-style gates. Please ensure you fully understand that each design will achieve varying levels of privacy and security. So if you have a specific requirement, please contact us before ordering, and we will provide you with some impartial advice. Alternatively, you may find the information you are looking for on the following pages.

Are the Fittings Supplied as Standard?show

Unless the product description states otherwise, all metal gates, fencing and railings are supplied as standard with a fitting pack. These include hinges, a universal latch or a sliding latch (depending upon the design) and, in the case of double gates, a drop bolt. 

For customers interested in our wooden gates, it is important to note that the hinges, fittings and accessories are not supplied as standard. These must be purchased separately.   

What do the Sizes Refer to in the Drop Down Menu?show

Metal Gates, Fencing and Railings - All the widths displayed refer to the opening into which the item will fit. They do not refer to the physical width of the product. Please distinguish the two measurements when ordering, as mistakes can prove costly, especially concerning made-to-measure sizes. For more information on selecting the correct size, please refer to our measuring guide or read the page on choosing the right gate size. Alternatively, please contact us for assistance if you are unsure in any way.

Wooden Gates - The dimensions refer to the physical width of a single gate or the total combined width of two gates (if ordering driveway or estate gates). When calculating the size, ensure you factor in the additional room required for the hinges, latch and posts. 

You can find more help and guidance if you refer to the relevant guides below

Single metal gate measuring guide

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Double metal gates measuring guide

Double Metal Gates Measuring Guide ►

Double wooden gates measuring guide

Double Wooden Gates Measuring Guide ►

Single wooden gate measuring guide

Single Wooden Gate Measuring Guide ►

Metal railing measuring guide

Metal Garden Railings Measuring Guide ►

Metal fencing measuring guide

Metal Fencing Measuring Guide ►

How do I Maintain the Products?show

To keep the products looking their best, it is recommended that metal products are given a fresh coat of paint every 2 years. We also suggest that timber products be given a new coat of stain every 12 months. For more information on caring for the products please refer to the relevant pages below.

Can the Wooden & Metal Gates be Automated?show

Many of our wood drive gates and metal driveway gates are suitable for automation however some modification may be required so they work in a safe and proper manner.

Please note that we do not sell automation kits as these are not really suitable for DIY installation. For more detailed information on this subject please read our "Hidden Dangers of Automated Gates" article.

Do You Offer an Installation Service or Site Surveys?show

As an online only retailer we do not offer an installation service or carry out site surverys. All products are sold on a supply only basis. When offering advice, we rely solely on the dimensions and information you provide to us. We therefore accept no liability for any aspect of your installation. If you cannot install the items yourself, we recommend using a builder, handyman or other competent person.

How Easy are the Products to Install?show

Where you are fixing the hinges and latch to an existing structure (such as 2 walls) then installation is suitable for any novice DIY enthusiast and can be completed in around 30 minutes. 

For more complex installations or where the addition of posts are required to provide an effective means of support you will need a little more competence. However, provided you work methodically there is no reason why the inexperienced person cannot achieve a professional result with the minimal of effort.

Should you feel this may apply to your skill level please feel free to take a look at the following useful pages.

Why do Driveway Gates Vary in Price?show

Whether you are looking to install a new set of driveway gates to the entrance of your home to add security or simply want to increase kerb appeal then one of the first questions you will likely ask is how much are they going to cost and why do the prices vary so much between designs?

Well with the help of this article the team at Garden Gates Direct hope to offer some helpful insights into the world of driveway gates and the reasons they can vary so dramatically in price.

Read more here

How Do I Know Which Size Aluminium Gate(s) to Order?show

Once you have decided on the style you wish to install, you must ensure your gate will fit in. The opening width required will be as follows:

  • Pedestrian Gate: The brickwork opening or width between posts should be 30mm wider than the physical width of the gate.

  • Driveway Gates: The measurement between your brick pillars or support structure will need to be between 30mm - 60mm larger than the physical width of the driveway gates.

Can Aluminium Designs be Supplied in Bespoke Sizes?show

The arched designs are only available in the specific height and width combinations shown on the product page. All the other design options shown online are available in made-to-measure widths. Unfortunately, we cannot alter the height dimensions as these are pre-set and cannot be adjusted.

Is Aluminium More Environmentally Friendly than Metal Or Wood?show

Our aluminium gates are designed with the environment in mind. 100% recyclable and made from a highly durable material, these gates will last you a lifetime.

What is the Thickness of the Aluminium Gates?show

Robust, durable and made from quality aluminium, then powder coated to the highest standards, they are great for everyday use. The pedestrian gate has a thickness of 45mm, and the double driveway gates have a thickness of 55mm.

How Much Maintenance Does an Aluminium Gate Require?show

Aluminium is one of the world's most functional and versatile materials. It is lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, comes in various shapes and sizes, and can be powder coated in infinite amounts of colours. Unlike steel or wood, which can rust or rot if not properly maintained, the only care required for aluminium is the occasional cleaning with soap and warm water.

Do You Include the Fittings with the Aluminium Gates?show

Double gates come with 2 x floor-mounted hinges and 4 x wall-mounted hinges. Optional extras are also available, including a lock and handle, drop bolts and floor stop.

The pedestrian gate designs incorporate 2 x adjustable wall-mounted hinges and 1 x floor-mounted hinge. They also include 1 x lock/handle (with keys) and 1 x receiver plate.

Do You Offer Sliding Gate Designs?show

At this time, we are unable to offer this design. While we understand your frustration, please know that we are examining how we might best address this issue in the future.

Which Side of the Opening Does an Aluminium Pedestrian Gate Hinge On?show

The hinges are universal, meaning you can install them on either side of the opening. The universal lock can be mounted on either opening side as required.

Can you Make 2 Pedestrian Gates Work as a Pair?show

Unfortunately, making 2 singles work as a pair is impossible. In these instances, you will need to order double gates.

What Colour Options are Available for the Aluminium Range of Products?show

The standard powder-coated paint finishes are black and anthracite grey. Alternatively, you can specify any RAL colour for an additional charge.

When do you Need to Use Floor Mounted Hinges for Aluminium Designs?show

If you are utilising aluminium posts, the bottom mounting bracket is not compatible with the wall-fixed hinges are the bolts become inaccessible. In these instances, you must use floor-mounted hinges.

How Are The Aluminium Posts Installed?show

The base plate of the post can be secured into a solid surface using appropriate mechanical fixings or can be concreted into the ground if no suitable mounting point is available.

What is the Correct Way to Mount the Hinges to Aluminium Posts?show

Unfortunately, there are a few limitations to using wall-mounted hinges. Only the top hinge can be mounted directly to the post as you have access to the top, which allows you to tighten the nut and bolt fixing. In comparison, we have found that at the bottom of aluminium posts, you cannot access the fixing bolts; therefore, floor-mounted hinges must be used.

Is it Possible to Utilise Existing Posts When Installing Aluminium Gates?show

Although it is possible to use your existing posts, you must ensure they are structurally sound and are of the appropriate size for the gates you wish to install.

Can You Add an Electric Motor to the Aluminium Double Gates?show

You can install most gate operator types on our double-swing driveway gates. These will need to be purchased elsewhere as we are not involved with automation. Please note that many factors affect what kind of operator you need, including your posts, hardware, and other factors.

Can I Order Matching Aluminium Fence Panels?show

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide you with aluminium fencing. We hope you understand our predicament while we look into alternative options to offer such a high-demand item.

What Does Zinc Plated refer to in the Product Descriptions?show

A zinc-plated option is your best bet if you’re looking for a product that will stand up to the elements. Zinc-plated steel provides superior protection against rust and corrosion. It has long been used to protect surfaces from the ravages of oxidation, and it does so by naturally forming a thin layer of zinc oxide over the steel. As you probably already know, this thin layer keeps out moisture and stops rust from taking hold.

What Type of Hinges Should be Used for Wooden Gates?show

We only recommend using hook and band hinges for installing our framed wooden gates, as these will provide the optimum level of support. For lighter-weight ledge and braced designs, you can use T-hinges. For more information on this topic, please refer to our webpage "Choosing Wooden Gate Hinges."

How Easy is it to Install Wooden Gate Hinges?show

Installing the hinges onto a wooden gate is a relatively straightforward process that you can quickly accomplish with minimal experience. Provided you work in an organized manner and ensure the correct size hinges are used, you can achieve a successful installation with minimal stress. To discover more about the full fitting process, please click here.