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Are you looking to buy a quality gate for your garden or driveway at a price you can afford? If so Garden Gates Direct are guaranteed to have a solution to suit the tastes of all homeowners at some of the most competitive prices online. In fact whether you need wood or metal, have modern or traditional tastes or simply want a cheap gate design to help improve security you can be sure to find what you are looking for in no time at all using our easy to navigate website.

Furthermore, with over 500 size and design combinations to choose from combined with a sales team that offers excellent levels of customer service and has in depth product knowledge we are confident we can accommodate the needs of most residential properties with ease.

So take a look at our metal and timber gate designs detailed below or get in touch with us today by phone or email if you need help and advice, can't find the size you need or have a question you would like answering.

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What is the Most Secure Gate? 

Perhaps the most obvious answer to this is that the gate must have the ability to be secured with a padlock or in-built security lock. However, in addition, several other factors come into play when establishing the most secure gate for your property.

  • Material: Gates can be manufactured from various components, including metal, wood, aluminium and composite materials. However, a well-made metal gate is perhaps the most secure regarding shear strength.

  • Durability: Your gate must provide the same functionality all year round. Therefore, it must be able to endure the weather (rain, frost, high winds, etcetera.) without sustaining severe damage. Consequently, each material will have its pros and cons, which you should consider before purchasing. For example, steel can rust and corrode, timber can rot, and aluminium can dent easily if not correctly maintained.

  • Cost: A secure gate will incorporate a locking function. If this is not included as standard, it is a sensible upgrade because a well-secured gate will help keep the boundary of your property secure in the long run.

  • Design: Although a gate can improve the appearance of your property, the style you select will have the most negligible impact on the level of security it will provide. The principal objective is to increase home security (not look good), forming the first layer of protection against criminals and trespassers. 

How Much Does a Gate Cost?

When comparing gate prices, remember that not all are built to the same standard or with the same materials; therefore, considering this, the cost is influenced by the various factors listed below.

  • Type: The kind you select will influence the cost. An open-boarded picket gate, for example, comprises a handful of wooden boards. However, a pair of heavy-duty wrought iron style estate gates are considerably more robust, durable, secure, and consequently more costly.

  • Size: The price is affected by the width, height, and the number of components used. The higher the specification of the materials used or the more significant the size, the higher the price will become.

  • Quality: High-quality materials such as aluminium or designs with heavy-duty steel components will be more expensive than uncomplicated, low-quality solutions such as rough-sawn timber designs.

  • Existing Supporting Structures: A suitable support structure must be in place to install the hinges and latch so the gate can provide security and remain secure. Suppose the location already has brick walls or posts. In that case, the installation will be significantly less expensive than if you begin with nothing.

  • Site Constraints: The location can play a role in the overall cost. Factors such as sloping ground, steps, pipework, and restricted spaces can all dictate the type of gate required. For example, a short driveway that slopes may require a bi-folding design. Likewise, pipework running along a wall may necessitate the need for metal posts. 

  • Style: The overall design of the gate can play a significant role in the price. Whilst some options may look amazing, the cost will be far more excessive than simple plain designs. Decorative elements such as scrollwork, finials, and other additions will all increase the cost. In addition, other features such as electric openers, intercom systems and digital locks will incur additional charges.

  • Installation: The cheapest option is to install the gate on a DIY basis; however, this is not something everyone can do. Suppose you need to employ the services of a builder, professional installer, or electrician. In that case, the price can become considerably more expensive and, in some cases, cost prohibitive.

What is the Best Gate to Choose?

A gate can be a simple and cheap solution or a beautifully crafted feature that adds value to your home. The choice can be daunting with so many different materials, designs, colours, and styles available. The best approach is to consider what you need from your gate – is it purely functional, or do you want something more decorative? For some, a cheap softwood gate will do the job, whilst others wish to add aluminium gates to enhance the kerb appeal of their home.

Are Wooden Gates Cheaper than Metal?

A wooden or metal gate can be a great addition to your home. They help to provide an impression of prestige and security to those who enter your property. But, with so many choices, it can be hard to figure out which is best for you. Before making a decision, consider these things:

Metal Gates

Metal gates are incredibly sturdy and offer maximum protection to your property. Generally available in heights between 3ft - 7ft, they can block any residential entrance easily, ensuring privacy and security. The rugged steel used is built to last. 

  • Resilience: Sturdy and enduring, metal gates are built to last in any environment. You can feel confident that any strong winds won’t compromise the structural integrity.

  • Security: Metal gates with robust locks and keys can achieve a high level of protection that will usually suffice in a residential setting.

  • Made to Measure: In a world of mass-produced products and ever-changing fashion trends, finding a gate that’s both functional and stylish can be challenging. Choosing a bespoke size or design lets you completely control your property’s look. This can include selecting traditional or contemporary styles or adding finishing touches to ensure it blends seamlessly with their surroundings.

Wooden Gates

  • Security: Timber gates offer excellent security features. They are solid and provide durability against the elements. Additionally, a well-constructed design is almost impossible to climb and serves as a deterrent against trespassers, whom the difficulty of climbing may deter.

  • Appearance: The natural beauty of wooden gates adds a touch of elegance to any garden. With improved durability, ease of maintenance and lower cost than traditional materials, wooden gates are ideal for any domestic property.

  • Cost: A wooden gate is an excellent investment at a relatively low price. It’s affordable, durable and can be used to create virtually any style you want.

Which One Should you Pick? 

Both metal and wood have pros and cons, but the decision is yours. If you’re looking for a gate that looks great and is long-lasting, a pressure-treated wooden gate should be high on your list of options. They also tend to be cheaper than metal ones. However, suppose you need something more secure or want a style explicitly designed with commercial use in mind. In that case, metal gates are the best choice.