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Hardwood Garden Gates

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Hardwood Garden Gates

Our range of Hardwood Garden Gates in Idigbo, Iroko and Oak will make a bold design statement to any area of your property and will help to provide additional privacy and security at some very appealing prices. With each style carefully handmade in the UK to an industry-leading standard, our premium hardwood gate designs feature time-proven construction techniques, high-grade timber components and an outstanding level of finish that is second to none. To learn more about our stunning collection, look at the products detailed below or get in touch to obtain a quote.

Hardwood Garden Gates For Sale

Premium Hardwood Garden Gates in a Style to Suit Your Home & Garden

A hardwood gate is an excellent choice if you need a high-quality product with a premium appearance. Suitable for many residential applications, such as securing footpaths through to allowing pedestrian access onto a driveway, they provide an effective security deterrent whilst elevating the appearance of your home. Available in a wide range of visually appealing designs, each gate within our range is made to measure to ensure the perfect fit to suit your needs. So whether you want a simple ledge and braced design, a timeless open pale option or a curved top and open lattice design, feel free to browse our product range to find the right solution to meet your needs.

Examples of different hardwood gate designs

Quality Craftsmanship Goes into Every Garden Gate

We take pride in our dedication to supplying gates with an outstanding degree of quality and construction to ensure they make a lasting impact on your property. Each hardwood garden gate is carefully handmade from the highest quality timber, which is laminated to create a solid, stable, and robust finish. Whilst this results in a higher production cost, the benefits of this construction method are well worth the expense.

Why Use Laminated Timber?

  • Constructed using multiple layers of timber, resulting in exceptional strength.
  • It results in a more stable finish compared to those made of solid wood.
  • Less prone to shrinkage and swelling throughout the year.
  • This construction method allows for greater consistency, as defects in the timber can be eliminated during production.
  • The process is environmentally friendly, as a more efficient use of the logs is achieved.

Choose from Hardwoods Including Idigo, Iroko & Oak

  • Idigbo Garden Gates: This hardwood timber is predominantly sourced from Ghana, the Ivory Coast, and Nigeria. Similar in appearance to European Oak, it is an excellent material for gate construction because it has a strong grain structure, minimal knots and is less prone to splits and twists than Oak. The other main benefit of choosing an Idigbo garden gate is that it comes at a fraction of the cost of Oak.
  • Iroko Garden Gates: This type of hardwood timber is native to the west coast of Africa. It typically possesses a medium to coarse texture, open pores, and an interlocking grain pattern. Depending on the part of the tree from which the wood is sourced, it will impact its natural colour. For example, heartwood tends to have a yellow to golden or medium brown colour, whilst sapwood is pale yellow. With exposure to light, the heartwood will gradually darken over time, so when the two types are combined, they can demonstrate some interesting colour contrasts and a highly desirable aesthetic.
  • Oak Garden Gates: This type of hardwood is a much sought-after material thanks to its inherent natural beauty and resistance to rot and decay. Widely recognized for its strength and durability, it is the timber of choice for any property owner seeking a hardwood gate that can withstand the test of time. 

Hardwood timber types

Options & Accessories

If you purchase one of our premium-grade hardwood garden gates in either Oak, Idigbo or Iroko, you can choose many design options and accessories to enhance its appearance, increase its practicality or make installation easier. Some of the options available include:

  • You can choose from a number of standard designs shown online, or you can send us a sketch of your custom design, and we will send you a quote.
  • Hardwood garden gates are produced in made-to-measure sizes to ensure the exact fit for your opening.
  • We can offer the horns in several styles, including rounded, inverted, and bubble, or they can be left off completely.
  • You can choose between a small, large, or no-bottom rail.
  • Specify your infill boards in various configurations, such as vertical, diagonal, or horizontal orientations.
  • We can provide various appropriate hinges, latches, locks and other components.
  • A choice of wooden gate posts and battens are available in Spruce, air dried Oak or air dried Iroko.
  • Add a custom detail such as a black letterbox and personalized engraving of your house name.

Made to measure service


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Whilst we offer a huge selection of standard gate designs that are suitable for most residential applications, we can also supply the majority of our products in made to measure sizes. Should you wish to take advantage of this popular service, please contact us with your measurements and we shall be pleased to provide a quote.