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Order Guide & General Information

We understand that for most customers, ordering one of our products is something that is rarely done. For that reason, the team at Garden Gates Direct have provided you with the following information, designed to give you a clear understanding of the main points to consider when ordering one of our products.

Size Information

This topic is covered in more detail within the measuring guide and how to select the correct gate size page.

Metal Products

  • Width (Fits Opening): We cannot stress enough that the sizes of all the metal gates for sale on this website refer to the opening into which they will fit. In the simplest terms possible, this means that we have already made the required allowances for space for the hinges and latch. Under no circumstances do the "fits opening" measurements refer to the physical width of the gate.
  • Physical Height - This is the total height of the item before installation. It does not make any allowance for ground clearances. We usually suggest allowing 2" (50mm) for clearance at the bottom for these kinds of installations, so please remember to factor this in when ordering.
  • Height (after installation) - Products displayed in this manner already include the allowance of 2" (50mm) of ground clearance. The physical height of the product will be around 2" (50mm), smaller than this measurement.

Timber Gates


The measurements displayed within this website refer to the product's physical dimensions and DO NOT refer to the opening width into which they will fit. Please note the dimensions shown for the double gates denote the physical width of the pair (not each gate individually).



How To Select the Size?

Click the links below to navigate to the relevant guide. 

Single Metal Gate Measuring Guide ►

Single Wooden Gate Meauring Guide ►

Double Wooden Gates Measuring Guide ►

Double Metal Gates Measuring Guide ►

Metal Railing Measuring Guide ►

Metal Fencing Measuring Guide ►

Existing Fittings

Please note that it will not be possible to reuse any existing hinge pins or fittings you currently have. This is because each gate design has the hinges and latch in a slightly different positions. The chance of matching a pre-existing installation is exceptionally slim.

Despite this, please remember that cutting off any existing fittings using a grinder or hacksaw is often straightforward.

Fittings Packs & Accessories




Within each product description, you will see the type of latch is detailed. Where the design refers to a "universal latch", you can hang the gate from either side of the opening and fit the latch accordingly.

In comparison, where the gate features a sliding latch, the direction in which it will open is pre-determined during manufacture. If you are interested in one of these designs, please ensure you pay special attention to this often-overlooked detail. 




Metal Gates - Unless stated, all single metal gates are supplied with a universal latch, thus allowing the product to be hinged left or right-hand hanging. In addition to this, they can also be set to either inward or outward opening.

When gates have a specific hanging side, it is essential to consider this before ordering. Please note, we always refer to the hanging side as viewed from the front face of the gate/roadside. Please contact us for assistance if you doubt or need the hinges on the opposite side.

Timber Gates - All single wooden gates are designed to be right-hand hanging when viewed from the front face. Please ensure this is considered, as the diagonal bracing will be fitted accordingly. While this does not mean you cannot install the gate, it may start to sag over time, especially for larger sizes.



Metal Posts

Whilst some of the product images show metal posts, it is essential to note that these are purely marketing images. Should such items be required, you must purchase them separately by clicking here.



Bespoke Sizes

We offer a large selection of our products in bespoke sizes. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or read the made-to-measure gates, fencing & railings page.

Find out about our made to measure sizes by clicking here