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Clifton Arched Metal Garden Gate

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Clifton Arched Metal Garden Gate

The timeless Clifton Arched Metal Garden Gate is a beautiful feature for any entrance. It is hand-made in the UK by skilled artisans, features a wrought iron style solid steel construction and includes classic scrollwork intended to deliver an elegant appearance that complements the other features of your property. Suitable for any residential setting, such as front entries, paths and other similar garden entrances, the Clifton design is one of our most favoured styles.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The 4ft High Clifton Arched Metal Garden Gate has a timeless appearance. It will make a great addition to any pedestrian entrance around your property. Handmade in the UK from high-quality solid steel components, this excellent value product is available in various sizes to suit many typical residential openings. The gate features a distinctive archtop profile to create a bold yet understated appearance. It has a 20mm x 8mm welded metal frame and 10mm round infill bars and incorporated 10mm x 3mm wrought iron style scrollwork. The Clifton design includes a pair of surface-mounted adjustable hinges, enabling easy installation onto various surfaces, including masonry structures, timber and metal posts. During manufacturing, the steel surface has black undercoat paint applied. Before installation, you need to treat all exposed surfaces with quality exterior-grade paint to protect against rust and corrosion of the steel.

Clifton 4ft High Low Bow Wrought Iron Style Gate Specification

  • The timeless design elements will suit a range of home and garden styles.

  • A distinctive arched profile will add a touch of class to any space.

  • The Clifton design is handmade in the UK using 20mm x 8mm metal frames and 10mm infill bars to ensure strength and rigidity.

  • Traditional 10mm x 3mm wrought iron style scrollwork creates a classical appeal.

  • Perfect for numerous outdoor settings.

  • This product comes with adjustable hinges and a universal latch.

  • Suitable for left or right-hand hanging.

  • The gate is primed with black undercoat paint. Before fitting, you must apply two coats of high-quality exterior-grade paint to all exposed surfaces to ensure adequate protection against rust and corrosion. 


Height (once installed)

  • 1220mm (4ft)



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): These measurements relate to the gap you will need to have between your existing posts or masonry supports. You do not need to make any extra calculations, as the hinge and latch components space has already been included within these dimensions.

  • Height (Once Installed): This denotes the size of the product once you have installed it, with a 50mm (2") gap at the bottom for ground clearance. 

View the single gate measuring guide

Example Ordering Size

When the opening size between 2 brick walls measures 1070mm, you must select the option "fits opening 1070mm" from the drop-down menu.

Do You Require Metal Posts?

We advise buying metal posts if you don't have any existing walls or pillars to connect your hinge and latch components. If you choose these components, you must have more space available.

Example: When you select a Clifton gate that "fits an opening" of 1070mm and install it with 2 x 50mm posts, the overall space necessary will become 1170mm.



Do you Have a Question or Require Further Assistance?

Our online shop has provided several useful links, including a measuring guide, installation instructions, buying guide and a handy FAQ page. Alternatively, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about this product or need more information. 

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As much as we can, we are here to assist; therefore, you may navigate many helpful support pages from our main menu with only one click. To help with your purchase, we have included just some of our most accessed pages below.



Important Information About the Clifton Arched Metal Garden Gate 

Fittings: This product includes everything you need to install the gate except screws and anchors. You will need to purchase the appropriate fasteners to connect the hinges and latch components onto the structure you are installing it on.

Metal Posts: When installing posts, it is critical to have the appropriate size and form for your project. Use concrete to reinforce your posts to guarantee they are sturdy and will not shift.

Installation: Children and adults will be at risk if the gate is not correctly fitted. We recommend that you always ensure that your structure has the strength to guarantee that the hinge and latch components will remain securely fastened. When installing, follow the installation instructions that came with the product.

Width: The "fits opening" dimension denotes the space required between the existing brickwork or other support structure. It does not relate to the physical width of the framework. If you need help understanding this, please read through and understand our definitive guide to selecting the correct size.

Painting: Taking care of your Clifton garden gate is easy when you protect it with high-quality paint. As standard, it is factory primed but will require additional painting before installation to ensure maximum protection against the elements. Alternatively, we can upgrade the finish to electro-galvanized (zinc-plated) and black powder coating for an extra charge.

How to measure the opening illustration


Adjustable hinges and latch fitting diagram



Need help choosing the right size? Click here to view the measuring guide

If you need to buy metal posts because there are no adequate supporting structures (such as a fence or wall), please choose from the choices in the drop-down menu.