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What to Consider When Buying Garden Gates

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Garden gates can completely transform your garden's appearance, complementing the surrounding exterior features, adding character and charm. That said, it's not just the stylistic benefits garden gates bring that make them so popular; they elevate privacy and security, but how do you choose a design that's right for your garden?

Explore the main materials

Most garden gates are made from metal and wood, yet many different types and species are considered. Softwood garden gates are widely recognised as one of the most cost-effective solutions, with Scandinavian Redwood delivering a stunning warm hue. Pressure-treated timber gates are boosted with the timber being injected with a preservative to prevent rot and decay. Hardwood gates are perhaps the most beautiful, strong and durable, lasting a lifetime if correctly installed and maintained. Metal garden gates (constructed of wrought iron) are built to last, being incredibly robust, resistant to dents, bending and shock damage.

Note the opening dimensions

With any garden gate, you have to get the dimensions spot on. Fortunately, with many size options available online to suit the most common opening widths, it's a lot easier to find a gate that's right for your garden. Whether you need a garden gate, side gate or driveway gate, it's essential to measure your opening in at least three places, such as the top, middle and bottom. The smallest measurement should then be used for ordering purposes. Also, do not confuse the opening size with the gate's physical width, as this will need to be smaller to allow some room for the hinges and latch.

The finished appearance

Choosing the right gate design for your property can drastically improve kerb appeal and make your garden feel like a secluded and attractive place. You should consider your brickwork, fencing, exterior design elements, outbuildings and the age of your property before deciding on a style that suits you. With Garden Gates Direct, we have a comprehensive collection of design available in wood and metal, from classic clean lines to art deco styling, Georgian detailing and characterful country cottage looks. By standing back from your home or garden and looking at the overall design, you can begin to identify styles that work, and we're always happy to provide professional advice, helping you create the perfect look.

Check out our buying guide

We've developed a buying guide to run through all of the crucial considerations in more detail, covering materials, sizing, construction, specification, type and finishes. We also have a measuring guide with points to keep in mind, such ensuring additional space is considered when posts are required.

If you'd like to learn more about our products, you can browse them here, but we're always on hand to answer any questions. We also have a made to measure service available for odd-sized openings. For any further information, please call us on 0844 804 5577.