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A Homeowners Guide to Garden Gates

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Let`s be honest, on a day to day basis the simple garden gate does not get a lot of attention. In fact, it is easy to ignore it altogether as we go about our busy day to day routines, however, in reality, they serve many functions and should not be overlooked. Think about it, a garden gate will be one of the first things a visitor to your home will see and as a result, can create a lasting impression so if you are proud of your home never underestimate its importance.

Functions of a Garden Gate

Unlike many other items on the inside and outside of your home the humble garden gate needs to serve lots of functions. Here we detail the main functions they need to perform.

  • Restrict access onto your property
  • Improve security
  • Keep pets and children safe
  • Be exposed to the elements year round.
  • Offer reliable operation to ensure access and egress is unhindered
  • Add to the aesthetic appeal of the property

Arched metal garden gate installed to old brick wall

Choosing a Garden Gate

In terms of choosing the best garden gate to suit your property, you will need to consider what benefits and functions you need it to offer. For example, if security is your priority then it will be worthwhile paying a little extra for a heavy duty gate design as these are far more rigid than decorative garden gates. In comparison, if you want something that requires very little maintenance then a pressure-treated wooden gate is a good choice as is a galvanised metal gate as both these options feature additional levels of protection against the elements.


  • Size of Opening: Establish the gap size first of all as this will largely dictate what options are available to you.
  • Consider the functions: Decide what benefits you need from the gate.
  • Think about the design: Look for a garden gate that will tie in with the existing aesthetics of your property.
  • Finishes: Wooden garden gates look great when stained as this will enhance the wood grain. Metal gates can be painted yourself or can also be purchased with a factory finished powder coated paint.

Types of Garden Gate

The most common types of garden gate you will see fitted to UK properties will be made from either wood or metal. This is because both of these materials are relatively cheap in their raw form, are easily worked and most importantly are readily available. Whilst other materials such as aluminium and true wrought iron can be specified the astronomical costs mean they are not a mass produced product hence why metal and timber remain the most popular options.

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Why Choose a Metal Garden Gate?

In terms of aesthetic appeal and overall designs available a metal garden gate is pretty limitless so if you are looking to make a bold impression or need a one of a kind design then this is the option to go for. In fact, with steel components easily worked into shape and lots of decorative cast features being available to enhance the gates appearance you can create pretty much any design you like and will only be limited by your available budget and extent of your imagination.

How much do they cost? This is a tough one as a number of factors will decide the cost of a metal garden gate including the size, height, design and specification of components used in the manufacturing process. As a rough general guide, you can find cheap designs starting at around £50, mid-range garden gates will start at around £150 and for a heavy duty gate expect to pay in excess of £250.

Bespoke metal side garden gate fitted between a house and garage

Why Choose a Wooden Garden Gate?

For installation locations where a more natural finish is a requirement then a wooden garden gate makes an excellent investment. Despite the fact that designs are more limited some very eye-catching styles can still be produced and when combined with the natural aesthetic appeal of the timber itself can help to really enhance the appearance of your home.

How much do the cost? The price of a wooden garden gate can vary dramatically depending on numerous factors including the timber species used (softwood is cheaper than hardwood), the size of the gate and the overall design. As a general guide the cheapest of wooden gates can be bought from around £30 however don’t think this will offer much more than a basic barrier across the pedestrian entrance. Mid-range gates are made from thicker timber and can be purchased from around £100. High quality traditional handmade gates are the most expensive and will start from around £175.

Maintaining the Gate

Once you have chosen your preferred gate and found a specification to suit your requirements you will need to factor in the amount of maintenance that will be required in order to keep it in the best possible condition for the maximum length of time.

Primed Metal Gates: This type of gate will need to be painted with at least 2 coats of exterior grade paint prior to installation. After this time we recommend a fresh coat of paint is applied every 2-3 years to prevent the onset of rust.

Untreated Timber Gates: In order to prevent rot it is essential that timber gates are properly finished with an appropriate stain, paint or varnish prior to exposure to the elements. In addition to this, it is advisable to apply fresh timber treatments every 18 months –  2 years.

Pressure Treated Timber Gate: With a chemical preservative injected into the timber during manufacture a pressure treated gate requires the least amount of maintenance. Although any additional treatment will help to prolong the lifespan it is often providing little more than an aesthetic benefit.


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