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Garden Gates Direct - Single Metal Gate Measuring Guide

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Measuring Guide When Fitting a Single Metal Gate Between Existing Masonry Walls or Posts 

Please follow the instructions below if you need to fit the gate between an existing masonry structure such as brickwork, pillars or posts.

Single metal gate measuring diagram - fitted between brickwork

How to Measure the Aperture / Opening

  1. Measure the distance between your existing brick walls, posts or other support structure. 

  2. The measurement you have taken will become the width you need to order.

  3. Refer to the drop-down menu of the product design you wish to order.

  4. Once you have found a "fits opening" measurement that matches the size of your opening, you should select this, then click add to basket

It is that simple!

Important Information

You will need a made-to-measure size if you cannot locate a "fits opening" dimension that matches your opening width on any product page.

Alternatively, you can utilise posts or packers to adjust the current space to suit one of our standard-size products.

Ordering Examples 

Ordering Example of a Single metal gate - fitted between brickwork

Example 1

  • If the distance between your walls measures 1067mm, the size you should order is a gate that "fits an opening" of 1067mm.
Ordering Example of a Made to Measure Single metal gate - fitted between brickwork

Example 2

  • If the gap size is 1050mm, non of our standard size options will work for you; therefore, you will need a made-to-measure gate.‚Äč

Essential Knowledge and Valuable Advice

  • The size of your opening will always define the "fits opening" size you should select. 

  • The "fits opening" dimensions shown on the product pages incorporate the space required for the hinge and latch elements.

  • When taking your measurements, measuring the opening in 3 places is advisable. Should there be a deviation in width, you should always use the smallest size.

  • If you are utilising existing metal posts, they must be the correct size, type and design to provide the proper level of support. You will need to remove any existing hinge pins or similar fittings; they will not be compatible with any replacement gate

  • You can adjust the width of the opening using wall-mounted metal posts, timber packers or other suitable materials. Doing so will enable you to fit a standard-size option.

  • Check the condition of your masonry walls before placing an order, and make sure it is capable of providing the correct level of support. 

  • The hinge and latch elements must be securely fixed to the structure using appropriate fixings.

  • The "fits opening" dimensions do not denote the physical width of the gate

  • For products listed as "physical height", we have made no allowance for ground clearance. The products listed as "height once installed" already include an allocation of 50mm (2") for ground clearance (it does not include the scrollwork or finials above the top rails). 

We have a made to measure service available - Click here for more information

Measuring Guide When Fitting a Single Metal Gate onto New Metal Posts with No Existing Supports Present

Without an existing support structure, you will have to install metal posts that are the appropriate size, style, and form for the gate you buy. Therefore, you must carry out the below procedure to establish the proper size to order.

Single metal gate measuring diagram - fitted between metal posts

How To Measure the Space and Select the Right Size

If you need to introduce new metal posts as part of your installation, you should perform the following:

  1. Measure the overall available space.

  2. Subtract the width of the posts from this dimension (the post dimensions available for each product are visible in the options and accessories menu of your selected gate design).

  3. The remaining dimension will then decide the "fits opening" measurement of the gate.

  4. Once you have established the "fits opening" dimension of the gate, you can revert to the product pages and select the appropriate option that matches the size required from the drop-down menu.

Important Information

If you cannot find an exact size match, don't worry. In these instances, you can make minor adjustments to the spacing of the posts so you can still select a standard-size gate option. If this is not possible, a made-to-measure size will be necessary.

Ordering Examples 

Ordering example for a single metal gate fitted onto new metal posts

Scenario 1

Your overall space measures 1167mm, and you wish to order a gate design with 50mm posts as an option. 

  • In this example, you deduct 100mm (the width of 2 x 50mm posts) from the overall span of 1167mm to get a "fits opening" size of 1067mm. In this case, a standard-size option will work perfectly for you.
Ordering example for a made to measure single metal gate fitted onto new metal posts

Scenario 2

Your overall space measures 1000mm, and you wish to order a gate design which can utilise 50mm posts. 

  • In this instance, you calculate 1000mm - 100mm (overall space minus 2 x 50mm posts). The remaining distance between your posts will be 900mm. Unfortunately, this is not a standard size option; however, if you can adjust the spacing of the posts, this will remove the need for a made-to-measure size. If this is not possible, you will require a bespoke gate width.

Essential Advice When Fitting Posts

  • The spacing between the metal posts will always define the "fits opening" size of the gate you must order.

  • The "fits opening" dimensions indicated in the drop-down menu already include the space required for the hinges and latch.

  • The total width minus the diameter of the posts will produce the "fits opening" width of the gate you need to buy.

  • You can change the position of your posts to prevent the need for a made-to-measure size. Unfortunately, this may only be possible in some scenarios.

  • Posts must be set in the ground to the appropriate depth and firmly anchored using concrete.

  • Our universal metal posts are blank/undrilled. These designs allow you to position the hinge and latch components in a position that best suits your specific requirements. Pilot holes will be required, and you must only use suitable self-tapping screws (we do not supply these fixings). 

  • When you order posts that specify "hinge" or "latch", the fittings will be pre-welded in the correct position to suit each gate. 

  • You should only ever use metal posts of a suitable size. They must be capable of providing the appropriate level of support.

  • For products displayed as "physical height," we have not considered ground clearance. 

  • We include 50mm (2") for ground clearance for products with "height once installed" stated in the product's description. These dimensions are the top of the horizontal framework. It does not include the scrollwork or finials above the top rails.

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