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Paint Finishes

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Paint Finishes

Here at Garden Gates Direct, we have lots of experience supplying gates, fencing and railings in various paint finish to suit virtually any residential requirement. Below are some of our most popular options; however, if you need a finish that is not detailed, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be on hand to offer advice, discuss your options and provide a competitive quote.

Black Primer (Undercoat)

Unless expressly stated within the product description, all our metal gates, metal fence panels and railings are supplied black primed (with an undercoat) as standard. You must paint these products with a minimum of 2 coats of high-grade paint before being exposed to the elements. If you fail to paint the exposed metal surfaces, rust and corrosion will appear on the surface of the components.

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Zinc Plated (Electro Galvanised) & Powder Coated

Many of our products now include this finish as standard; however, this only applies to some of the items we display online.

The benefits of this finish are that it offers enhanced protection against the elements and will help reduce the time you have to paint your gates, railings or metal fence panels.

Consequently, if you find a product with a black primed option and would like to upgrade to this low-maintenance finish, please get in touch before ordering to obtain the additional costs. 

Important Information

Please be aware that any scratches, marks or chips that go through to the bare metal will start to rust; therefore, you must take care during installation to ensure they are not dragged or scrapped along the ground.

Need Additional Help & Advice?

For further guidance on painting, installing and maintaining our range of metal gatesfence panels and wrought iron style railings, we recommend you refer to our easy-to-understand installation advice page.

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