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Manor Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Fence Panel | 3ft High

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Manor Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Fence Panel | 3ft High

The 3ft high Manor Metal Fence Panel is an excellent alternative to traditional timber designs and will provide superior strength and durability. It is constructed using solid steel components and has timeless ball top finials for an attractive overall appearance.

Manor Metal Fencing is suitable for various home and garden settings when a clearly defined boundary will benefit the property owner. Each metal fence panel is constructed from high-quality solid steel components, making it superior in strength to timber alternatives. It features 25mm x 10mm flat bar steel horizontal rails and 12mm round infill bars. For a subtle yet practical design detail, a single row of ball top finials is included along the top of the fence. 

Manor Ball Top Metal Fencing Specification

  • The timeless design creates a universal appeal.

  • Solid steel construction.

  • Metal fence panels are suitable for numerous applications around the home and garden.

  • ​Manor metal fencing feature 25mm x 10mm metal frames and 12mm solid infill bars.

  • A fitting pack contains the surface mounted fixing brackets and bolts (the screws to mount the brackets are not provided).

  • Low maintenance zinc plated (electro galvanised) and black powder-coated paint finish.


Fits Opening

  • 1830mm (6ft)


Physical Height

  • 914mm (36")



Ordering Sizes

  • Width: The “fits opening” measurement relates to the gap size needed between existing posts or pillars to install each fence panel. This dimension already includes the space necessary for the mounting brackets. No other calculations are required.

  • Height: The “physical height” is measured from the bottom horizontal rail to the top of the finials. We have not included any allowance for ground clearance within this measurement.

View the measuring guide here

Metal Posts: If no existing support structure is present or when multiple fence panels are needed, you must install metal posts to connect each section. As a result, you must account for the additional space required for these items.

Ordering Examples

  • 1 x fence and 2 x 50mm metal posts will need an overall length of 1930mm.

  • 2 x fence panels and 3 x 50mm metal posts will need an overall length of 3810mm.

  • 3 x fence panels and 4 x 50mm metal posts will need an overall length of 5690mm.



Do you Need to Order Metal Fence Posts?

When posts are required, you can choose from the following options:



Looking for Help and Advice Before Ordering?

We have provided you with many useful information pages to help with your order. Our most popular pages include the Buying GuideOrdering GuideFAQ and Installation Guide. Alternatively, please get in touch if you have not found the information you need.

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Useful Information About Manor 3ft High Wrought Iron Style Metal Fence Panels

Fittings: We include a fitting pack with each panel. It will contain the 4 x mounting brackets and bolts. We do not provide the screws for attaching the brackets to posts or brickwork.

Posts: If you need to use metal posts, these must be the correct type for your required installation. You must set "In-Ground" posts to a sufficient depth and hold them in place with concrete. "Bolt-Down" posts are surface mounted and will need to be secured using appropriate bolts.

Width: The "fits opening" dimension is the gap size required between posts or brick walls. It does not correspond to the physical width of the framework.

Painting: Manor fencing has a low maintenance zinc plated (electro galvanised) and black powder-coated paint finish and does not need any further treatment before installation.

How to measure metal fence panels


Metal fence panel installation instructions


Metal post installation guidelines



View the metal fencing measuring guide

For many fence installations you will need to order metal posts to provide a means of support or to connect a number of panels together to form a single run. If these are required we have numerous options for you to choose from as detailed below.

If you are unsure what post to select or need help with sizes, the amount of posts or panels you require or have a technical question please get in touch email and we will be available to provide support.