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Manor Tall Metal Side Gate

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Manor Tall Metal Side Gate

The Manor Metal Side Gate is perfect for any home or garden area that might benefit from more privacy and protection. The gate is made from solid steel components, has a robust framework, a shallow arch top contour, and a double row of ball top finials for a basic yet effective architectural element. It comes zinc-plated and powder-coated black and includes surface-mounted hinges and a simple latch mechanism, which makes it suitable for effortless DIY installation.

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Metal Post:

The Manor Metal Side Gate is a popular design that blends with any residential entrance and effectively secures vulnerable access points around the home and garden. Available in a selection of sizes to suit many standard opening widths, the gate is carefully constructed from solid steel components and benefits from low maintenance zinc plated and black powder coated paint finish as standard. It features an attractive, shallow arched profile and a double row of ball top finials for a simple yet practical appearance. Dog bars are fitted to the bottom portion of the gate, making it the ideal choice if you have small pets. The Manor gate configuration is built using 25mm x 10mm welded metal frames and 12mm diameter round metal infill bars. To make installation easy, it features surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a tip latch mechanism which can be mounted directly to masonry, steel or timber surfaces.

Manor Ball Top Wrought Iron Style Side Gate Specification

  • It is made to a high standard, ensuring strength and resilience.

  • A shallow arch top and a double row of ball top finials offer visual interest.

  • Ball top finials add a subtle aesthetic element.

  • The solid steel structure incorporates sturdy metal frames measuring 25mm x 10mm and infill bars measuring 12mm.

  • The Manor design has adjustable hinges and a tip latch mechanism that you can secure with a padlock.

  • Suitable for left or right-hand hanging.

  • Zinc-plated (electro galvanised) and black powder-coated paint finish require little upkeep.


Physical Height

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 762mm (2ft 6") has a Physical Height of 1910mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 914mm (3ft) has a Physical Height of 1930mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 1067mm (3ft 6") has a Physical Height of 1940mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 1220mm (4ft) has a Physical Height of 1955mm



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): This is the opening size between brickwork or existing posts required for the gate to fit. We've already factored in the space needed for the hinges and latch. There are no adjustments or other considerations necessary for these components.

  • Physical Height: This is the distance between the bottom of the framework and the highest finial. This measurement has not included the additional space required for ground clearance.

Take a look at the measuring guide if you need help choosing the appropriate gate width

Example Ordering Size

You must purchase a gate made to "fit an opening of 1067mm" if the gap between your walls or posts is 1067mm.

Are Metal Posts Required?

You must add metal posts if no hinge or latch supports (such as existing masonry) are available. Be mindful that they will take up more room when buying these elements.

Example: A gate to fit an opening of 1067mm coupled with 2 x 70mm posts will require an overall width of 1270mm. 



Do You Need Any Other Information?

Please fill in our enquiry form if you need more details about the Manor side gate. Alternatively, you may discover lots of support and guidance within the measuring guideFAQsinstallation guide and buying guide pages. 

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Consider looking at the pages below for further detailed information about your order.



Important Information Relating to the Manor Tall Metal Side Gate

Fittings: Each gate will come with a latch fitting and a set of surface-mounted hinges. The latch receiver plate and hinge bracket mounting screws are not part of the components.

Metal Posts: To deliver the appropriate amount of support, you must only use metal posts that are the right size. You must install them to the correct depth, and concrete must be used to fix in-ground posts.

Installation: The hinges and latch should only be attached to pre-existing masonry (or other support), provided it can securely bear the gate's weight. Please refer to the installation instructions for further details.

Width: The "fits opening" size shown in the menu includes the room needed for the hinges and latch. It does not refer to the physical width of the gate. If this is unclear to you, you should read the article "how to select the right size gate".

Painting: The low-maintenance, zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish on the Manor metal side gate is ready for installation without additional preparation.

Learn how to measure the opening so you order the correct size gate


Adjustable hinges and latch fitting diagram



Universal metal post fitting guide



Need help selecting the right size? Refer to the measuring guide for more information

Do you need to order metal posts to install the gate? If so we recommend using the following items.

If you are unsure what to order or would like help and advice choosing metal posts please email or fill in our enquiry form.