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Case Study | Enhancing A Boundary Wall Using Metal Railings: A Customer's DIY Experience

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Enhancing A Boundary Wall Using Metal Railings: A Customer's DIY Experience

In this case study, we share the experience of a homeowner who chose to purchase some of our metal railings and install them on a DIY basis. We hope that by sharing this project, it will provide you with a good insight into the process involved and give you the confidence to complete a similar undertaking around your home or garden.

Customer Requirement

Located in the west midlands, the customer is a passionate DIY enthusiast and was looking for an affordable and effective way to enhance the boundary wall between their home and their neighbour’s property. Having spent an eternity researching the different styles on the market and trawling local streets looking for the most suitable design, they chose to purchase the railings online from Garden Gates Direct.

Choosing the Product

Having viewed our website, the customer was impressed with our extensive range of metal railings and after much deliberation they decided on the Clifton metal garden railings due to the subtle yet effective wrought iron style scrolls, solid steel construction. Another deciding factor was down to the fact the standard sizes available tied in perfectly with the spacing between the recently built brick pillars.

Online Ordering

As the sizes the customer required were a standard width option, they simply selected the relevant “fits opening” dimension from the drop down menu on the product page of the Clifton metal railings. They added the required number of items to the basket and proceeded to the checkout to make a secure payment. Also, because this product includes the surface mounted fitting brackets as standard, no additional items were required.

Clifton metal wall top railings mounted btween brick pillars

Fitting the Metal Railings

  • Preparation: As the customer had ordered the primed version of the railings, their first task was to treat all the exposed surfaces with an exterior grade paint. For optimum results, 2 coats of black Hammerite paint were applied. Once the paint had sufficient time to dry, the installation process could begin.

  • Tools Required: Power drill, level, tape measure, and wrenches.

  • Installation: Following the instructions supplied, the customer attached each railing section to the brickwork pillars, using the provided brackets and hardware. At each stage of the fitting process the customer double-checked measurements to ensure a secure level installation. Once the first section was completed, it was simply a case of repeating the task for each proceeding railing.

Customer Feedback

The DIY installation of the metal railings was far easier than the customer had originally anticipated, and the end result has far surpassed the customers’ expectations.

Cllifton wrought iron railing design

What do we think about this project?

For homeowners considering a similar project, this case study serves as a valuable guide, illustrating the process and benefits of purchasing and fitting metal railings on a DIY basis. Provided you fully understand what our sizes refer to, have measured your opening properly have access to the correct tools and work in a methodical manner, DIY installation is really simple and straightforward.

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