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Bespoke Bi Folding Gates in Oxfordshire - Case Study

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Bespoke Bi Folding Gates in Oxfordshire

Having previously purchased a set of driveway gates off us a number of years ago the owner of this detached property located in Oxfordshire contacted us with a requirement for some bespoke double gates that would allow unhindered access onto the driveway. With a number of factors to be taken into consideration with this project we were keen to get as much information from the customer as possible. 

Client Brief

Detailed below is the list of requirements the customer provided us with. As you can see the list is pretty long and comprehensive.

  1. Although the existing gates are the Marlborough any replacement does not have to be an exact match although something similar that will keep the dog in without being too solid and affecting the view.
  2. The gate designs is to be the same as existing (Marlborough)
  3. The hinges must be fitted to the front of the wooden posts that are already in positon
  4. Both gate leafs must open out.
  5. Due to the design of the driveway and the distance from the road on each side of the opening the customer needs to make sure the gates do not protrude into the road when they are open


Garden Gates Proposal

After careful consideration of the site contraints and the customers main requirements it was felt that the best solution would be to offer bi folding driveway gates with a 2/3rd to 1/3 split configuration. This way the shorter gate would sit well back from the road and because the larger lead would fold in 2 when open it would solve the same problem on the other side of the driveway opening. Upon proposing this the customer was more than happy with the layout so the next step of the process was to decide the design. After consideration by the cusomter and given they already had a set of our Marlborough design installed previously it was decided that they would fit the bill perfect again.

Next came the fiddly bit. Whilst working out a given size is normally very easy this project required a little more consideration in order to get things right. Furthermore due to the fact the posts only have limited width to fit the hinges it complicated matters a little more.

After a lot of head scratching and some quick calculation later were were able to come up with the sizes required and having provided the customer with a drawing of our proposal they were able to check on site that our calculation worked out in real life.

We are please to say that they did and as you can see below the results look stunning!

Customer Testimonial

"The gates arrived last week and were fitted on Sunday. I attach a photograph. They fit perfectly and I am really happy with them. I hope the picture helps advertise your amazing flexibility to provide whatever the customer needs. Many thanks to all of you."

What Garden Gates Direct thought about this project?

It is always nice when a customer comes back to us for additional items as it means we have provided a service they were happy with and a product they liked. Whilst this project was a little more complicated than most day to day enquiries it was very satisfying to work on and due to the wonderful feedback received made our effort to go the extra mile well worth it in the end.

Do you have a project you need help with? If so send us your basic requirements along with some photos of the installation location and we will be pleased to offer help, advice and information that will guide you through the buying and installation process.

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