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How do You Secure a Side Gate to a House?

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If you want to fit a side gate to your home over the coming months, it’s important to dabble in a little bit of research beforehand. When you know what tools you need, the fittings you require and the hours you may need to allocate, you can easily decide whether it’s a job you want to tackle on your own, with a mate or by the side as you watch a professional carry out the work, any extra knowledge will save you hours of stress.

The last thing you’d want is to complete the job and wonder whether the gate sits snug, leans to one side or has the strength required to open smoothly. Wood may be characterful, steel may have a contemporary look and wrought iron may be seen as a more classical material, but the installation all comes down to weight, so do keep that in mind!


Metal Side Gates

First and foremost, gates with a primed finish must be treated prior to installation. We recommend a minimum of 2 coats of good quality exterior paint to avoid the risk of rust and corrosion. Metal gates can be fixed to a post secured against a wall or fixed directly to brickwork using hinge brackets and rawl bolts. You will then want to ensure metal posts are positioned flush to the ground or secured in concrete. If you choose the latter, we recommend the hole be at least 24" deep.

Metal side gate with hinges mounted directly to brickwork Metal side gate hinged of a post

If you want to fix your metal side gate directly to your home’s brickwork, it’s worthwhile loosely attaching the hinge brackets to the gate hinge lugs before positioning the gate against the wall at your desired height off the ground. Mark the position of the screw holes and drill. You can then fix the brackets to the brickwork using suitable wall plugs and screws. Once done, hang the gate onto the brackets using nuts and bolts. The overall process may not necessarily be complicated, but by understanding exactly what’s required to install a gate securely, you’ll have fewer headaches down the road!


Wooden Side Gates

Wooden side gates fixed next to a house

Like metal gates, wooden side gates must also be treated before any work is carried out. We advise using an oil-based wood preservative to prevent the wood from discolouring and deteriorating over time. A minimum of 3 coats should suffice; however, be sure to read the instructions on the product to double-check. To secure the side gate to your house, wall-mounted posts can again be secured against the brickwork using rawl plugs whilst ensuring the base is positioned 2" from the ground. Alternatively, you may wish to set the wooden posts in concrete. If so, we recommend placing a layer of gravel at the bottom to prevent the post from rotting, and then it’s a case of filling the hole with 24" to 36" of concrete to ensure the post is nice and secure. Once you have completed this step, it is best to wait for the concrete to dry before hanging your gate.


Aluminium Side Gates

As many DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople will tell you, aluminium gates are a little easier to install thanks to their lightweight nature. Again, these can be secured to your home using posts or fixed directly to brickwork using brackets and spigots. Posts can be secured flush to the ground or at a minimum of 500mm below ground level and filled with quick-set concrete to provide adequate support. Don’t let the lightweight nature of these gates fool you. Aluminium is well and truly capable of withstanding the weight of snow and ice without bending, so it’s still another strong and robust option for your home.

Horizontal infill aluminium pedestrian fixed to house wall and post Diagonal infill pedestrian side garden gate installed using posts Aluminium vertical infill pedestrian garden gate fitted directly to brickwork


Where Can I Purchase a Side Gate for My Property?

If you require that all-important ‘extra layer of protection’ for your home or wish to boost its curb appeal, look no further than Garden Gates Direct. We supply a huge range of superior garden gates, driveway gates and matching railings in metal, wood and aluminium at competitive prices. Combined with excellent customer service and nationwide delivery direct to your door, you can trust in us to provide you with the perfect gate that will not only add value and style to your property but also keep it safe and secure.