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Installing Wall Mounted Timber Posts

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How to Install Wall Mounted Timber Posts

With the majority of our wooden gates being fitted to timber posts, please read the following guide designed to make the installation of new wall mounted posts simple.

Please note that we strongly recommend staining or painting the entire surface of the posts prior to fitting them. This will provide greater protection against the elements and will be less messy.

Installation Process 

  1. Ensure the posts are of the correct length to suit the gates you are planning on installing. If adjustments are required, cut to length using a sharp saw making sure the cut is clean and square.
  2. Position the first post to the pillar or wall ensuring it is plumb and mark the position for reference.
  3. Mark the position of the fixing holes at equal distances apart on the posts (try to make sure all fixing points are directly into the brickwork). For 3-4ft high posts you will need approx 3-4 fixings. Taller gates will require more.
  4. Remove the post and drill pilot holes to the appropriate size (depending upon the fixings you are using) in the locations you have marked. This will make screwing up far easier as it will not split the timber
  5. Counter sink the holes so the screw heads sit beneath the surface for a more professional finish.
  6. Place the post back into position using the marks on the wall as a guide. Check the post is plumb once more and drill through the holes into the brickwork so as to make a mark on the wall.
  7. Remove the post and fully drill the holes in the brickwork in the pre marked positions.
  8. Once fully drilled, install the wall plug or anchor and tap home with a hammer so it is flush with the surface.
  9. Place the post back into position, slide the screws or bolts through the timber and line up with the predrilled holes.
  10. Starting at the top hole, tighten each fixing ensuring the posts remains plumb in both directions. If required timber packers can be used at this point behind the posts to ensure they sit vertically.
  11. Repeat the process with the second post this time ensuring it is level across the opening with the first one.
  12. Once all the fixing points have been fully secured and tightened, you can use a wood filler to cover the screw heads.
  13. Allow to dry then apply stain to conceal the fixing locations and the gates are now ready to be hung.

Please note the above information is intended as a guide only and will not apply to all installations. If in any doubt contact Garden Gates Direct or a professional builder who will be able to offer better assistance.