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Royale Premier Wrought Iron Style Garden Gate

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Royale Premier Wrought Iron Style Garden Gate

The Royale Premier Wrought Iron Garden Gate is handmade in the UK using high-grade steel. It features a classic arch top, two rows of fleur-de-lys finials and incorporates decorative scrollwork for additional aesthetic appeal. Suitable for various applications, this premium quality metal gate is robust, secure and ultimately excellent value for money.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The Royale Premier Wrought Iron Style Garden Gate will look great at any pedestrian entrance. It is handmade in the UK and is produced in a range of sizes to fit the majority of residential settings where the addition of a physical security barrier may be advantageous. A strong steel 40mm x 10mm flat bar framework provides considerable strength for the gate. Additionally, the 16mm round metal infill bars are solid and resistive to bending, ensuring stability and rigidity are the design's fundamental pillars. Additionally, it has a lovely arched top rail, two rows of fleur-de-ly finials and elaborate scrolls for a traditional aesthetic. Small children and pets cannot escape into the street thanks to the inclusion of dog bars in the bottom half. The gate is painted with black undercoat during manufacturing and has to be treated again with exterior-grade paint before installation. The Royale Premier design is suitable for do-it-yourself installations. It features two surface-mounted adjustable hinges as well as a latch mechanism that is simple to fasten and works with posts made of metal, wood, or brickwork.

Royale Premier 4ft 6" High Metal Garden Gate Specification

  • This design is handmade in the UK and encompasses traditional wrought iron styling at its finest.

  • Attractive arch top profile.

  • Fleur-de-lys finials and decorative scrolls create visual appeal.

  • 40mm x 10mm framework and 16mm infill bars.

  • We include adjustable hinges and a sliding latch as standard.

  • Suitable for RIGHT-HAND hanging only (as viewed from the road).

  • The Royale Premier design is primed black with an undercoat during fabrication. Before installation, you must apply a coat of high-quality exterior-grade paint.


Height (once installed)

  • 1372mm (4ft 6") + finials



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): The measurements indicate the space you need between your existing posts or walls. Dimensions already include the space required for the latch and hinge components. It is not necessary to perform any additional calculations for these elements.

  • Height (once installed): A 50mm (2") ground clearance allowance is included in this dimension. The height is determined by measuring the distance from the ground to the top of the framework. It is important to note that this size does not include the finials that are affixed over the framework.

Read the measuring guide - Click here

Example Ordering Size

When the distance between the walls is 920mm, you should choose the "fits opening 920mm" width option from the drop-down menu when ordering.

Do You Require Metal Posts?

If a support structure isn't available, you must put metal posts in place to attach the hinges or latch. If you utilize these components, ensure adequate room for them.

Example: A combined space of 1120mm is necessary for a gate that "fits an opening of 920mm" + 2 x 100mm posts.



Do You Require Further Help & Advice?

Additional help is available in the buying guide, frequently asked questions, and installation instructions. You can also refer to our comprehensive measuring guide if you need assistance determining what size to order. If you'd like extra information, please complete the enquiry form.

Learn more about our made to measure gate sizes - Click here

In addition, our website displays a plethora of useful information. The web pages included in the links below are some of our favourites.



Important Information About the Royale Premier Garden Gate

Fittings: This product includes two surface-mounted adjustable hinges, a latch mechanism, and a receiver plate. The screws are excluded but are necessary to attach these components; thus, you will need to purchase them separately.

Metal Posts: Choosing the appropriate metal post is important if these elements are required. Always use concrete to anchor them during installation and ensure they are all level.

Installation: Ensure that if the gate is installed on a masonry structure, it can hold the additional weight. Regardless of the surface you mount onto, the latch and hinges must always be installed using the appropriate screws.

Width: The "fits opening" option specifies the required gap size for the gate to fit. These measurements already include the space needed for the latch and hinge sections. The dimensions don't reflect the physical width of the gate. Please refer to our measuring guidelines if you require any further information.

Painting: The Royale Premier metal gate must be painted before being installed to stop rust. Optionally, you may upgrade to an electro-galvanized (zinc-plated) and black powder-coated paint finish for an additional charge.

diagram showing how to measure the opening


Adjustable heavy duty hinge diagram


Read the measuring guide for more details about order sizes

We offer a range of extras and accessories to complement the gate, including the following items.

  • Metal Posts 

  • Zinc-plated (electro-galvanized) and powder-coated finish (available in a choice of stock colours)

  • Heavy-duty mortise lock with key

  • The option to specify left or right hand hanging

To find out more details about any of the above items, please email or fill in our enquiry form, and we will be on hand to offer support and discuss your options.