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Henley Metal Garden Gate

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Henley Metal Garden Gate

The Henley Metal Garden Gate has a timeless appearance and a flexible design that allows it to fit into a selection of non-standard opening widths. It features decorative wrought iron style scrollwork, an elegant arch top and a low-maintenance black powder-coated paint finish for reduced maintenance. It is, therefore, ideal for adding privacy and security to residential entrances or simply enhancing your garden's aesthetic appeal.

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The Henley Metal Garden Gate is a popular choice for any property owner looking for an affordable, attractive and practical way of securing vulnerable entrances around the home and garden. Using the adjustable hinge system, you can install the gate into various non-standard opening widths. It is, therefore, a cost-effective alternative to a made-to-measure size. Strong and durable, the Henley metal gate has a solid steel 25mm x 8mm flat bar framework, 10mm round infill bars, and decorative 10mm x 3mm wrought iron style scrolls set into the centre of the panel. Furthermore, it features a zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish to protect against rust and corrosion. Suitable for easy DIY installation, the hinges and latch can be surface mounted to various surfaces such as metal, brickwork, timber or other appropriate support structures. Consequently, the Henley design is one of our best-selling products.

Henley Wrought Iron Style Garden Gate Specification

  • A shallow arch top and ornamental scrollwork provide a timeless appeal that will suit numerous property types.

  • It is suitable for a range of non-standard entrances.

  • The solid steel construction includes a 25mm x 8mm metal framework, 10mm infill bars and 10mm x 3mm scrollwork.

  • This product is zinc-plated and powder-coated black for a long-lasting appearance and to protect against rust and corrosion.

  • The Henley design is a cheap alternative to a made-to-measure size.

  • Surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a universal latch mechanism are included as standard.

  • Compatible with left and right-hand hanging.


Physical Height

  • 942mm



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): These dimensions relate to the opening size between walls or existing posts. The measurements include the space required for the hinge and latch components. You do not need to make other adjustments or allowances for these items.

  • Physical Height: This corresponds to the exact height of the gate. It is calculated from the bottom of the framework to the top of the arch.

View the guide to measuring the opening

Example Ordering Size

If the space between your walls or posts is between 920mm-990mm, you will need to buy a gate made to "fit an opening of 920-990mm".

Do You Need Metal Posts?

You'll need to add metal posts if you want to install the gate somewhere where there isn't an existing structure to which you can attach the hinges and latch. In these circumstances, you must consider that the posts require extra room.

Example: A gate to fit an opening of 920mm combined with 2 x 50mm posts will require an overall width of 1020mm. 



Do you Require Additional Information?

We know that making purchases online might be challenging, so we have put in the effort to compile all the facts you require before placing your order. We include a buying guide, installation guide, a FAQ section, and a measuring guide. If you have any questions or require additional help selecting your products, don't hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be pleased to assist you in making the right choice.

We have a made to measure service available - Click here for more details

We also offer a plethora of supplementary information and advice relating to our products. Listed below are some of our most visited advice pages.



Essential Information About the Henley Metal Garden Gate

Fittings: Each gate has the hinges, and latch mechanism included as standard. We do not provide the screws to attach these components to the brickwork, posts, or other support structure.

Metal Posts: If you need posts, make sure they are the correct type and size so that they will offer the necessary amount of support. You should install these components into the ground and use concrete to stabilize them.

Installation: The gate must be installed in the correct manner using appropriate fixings. You should always follow the instructions provided with your product for the most accurate information. Before commencing any work, we recommend you take the time to ensure that the structure you are mounting the fittings onto is capable of providing the correct level of support

Width: The "fits opening" dimensions we show in the menu already include the space necessary for the hinges and latch components. The width dimensions shown do not relate to the physical width of the product. In simple terms, it corresponds to the actual size of the gap you will need to have in place for the gate to fit correctly. If you are still unsure what this means, please do not place an order until you have read and fully understood our detailed guide on selecting the right size.

Painting: The Henley metal gate has a durable zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish to protect the steel against rust and corrosion. You do not need to paint the gate or apply other treatments before installation.

Learn more about ordering sizes and how to measure the opening


Adjustable hinges and latch diagram



Universal metal post fitting guide



Consult the measuring instructions if you want additional information about choosing sizes.

For gate installations that require the addition of metal posts due to the lack of any suitable supporting structure, please select from the following options: