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Classic Metal Garden Gate

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Classic Metal Garden Gate

The Classic Metal Garden Gate is an excellent option for any property owner looking for a cheap and effective way to secure their home and garden. It has a welded steel construction, with attractive wrought iron style scrollwork to achieve a timeless appearance at an affordable price.

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The Classic Metal Garden Gate is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to secure pedestrian entrances and access points around the home at an affordable price. It features 10mm diameter round metal infill bars and 10mm x 3mm ornate wrought iron style scrolls set within a solid steel 20mm x 6mm framework. Available to buy online in a choice of sizes, this excellent value metal gate is supplied zinc-plated and powder-coated black as standard for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion. Also, it includes surface-mounted hinges and a latch mechanism, making them perfect for most residential requirements and an ideal option for DIY installations.

Classic 3ft High Wrought Iron Style Garden Gate Specification

  • The ornate Classic design features a traditional wrought iron style for a universal appeal.

  • Built to last, it features high-quality steel components.

  • This product includes 20mm x 6mm flat bar solid steel frames, 10mm diameter metal infill bars and 10mm x 3mm scrollwork. 

  • The gate comes with a pair of surface-mounted hinges and a universal latch.

  • Suitable for left or right-hand installations.

  • The durable, low-maintenance, zinc-plated (electro-galvanised), and black powder-coated paint finish helps prevent rust and corrosion and removes the need for further treatment before installation.


Physical Height

  • 914mm (36") 



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): The dimensions in the drop-down menu reference the opening size you need between the brickwork of existing posts. These measurements already include the space taken up by the hinges and latch; therefore, you do not need to make any other adjustments or calculations.

  • Physical Height: This dimension is the actual height of the product. This measurement is from the underside of the gate to the highest point. No provision for ground clearance is included.

View the garden gate measuring guide

Example Ordering Size

If the width of your brickwork opening is 1067mm, you will need to order a gate that will "fit an opening of 1067mm".

Do You Need Metal Gate Posts?

You will need to add metal posts when installing the gate into a location without any existing structure that you can utilise to attach the hinges and latch. In these instances, you must remember that the posts will take up additional space.

Example: If you select a gate to fit an opening of 1067mm and add 2 x 50mm metal posts, the total combined space required will become 1167mm.



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We want to make your online shopping experience as straightforward as possible. That is why we have provided you with lots of helpful information online. If you are confused about ordering sizes or want additional information, please read the measuring guide or refer to the faqs. You can also look at our buying guide, where there is lots of advice on a wide range of topics. Alternatively, contact us if you would like further support from one of our experts, who will be happy to help you find the perfect products for your needs.

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Important Information About the Classic Metal Garden Gate

Fittings: We provide a component fitting pack with each gate. It includes a pair of surface-mounted hinges, the latch and the receiver plate. We do not include the screws required to attach these items to the support structure.

Metal Posts: If you are installing the gate onto metal posts, they must be the correct size and type. In all instances, the posts must be sunk into the ground to the appropriate depth and secured using concrete.

Installation: You purchase the product on a supply-only basis, and we accept no responsibility for the installation. When installing, you should always read and understand the installation instructions provided with your products. In all instances, you must check to ensure the support structure is of suitable strength to take the additional weight of the gate.

Width: The "fits opening" dimensions in the menu refer to the gap size required between brickwork or posts. It already includes the space taken up by the hinges and latch. It does not relate to the physical width of the product. If you cannot comprehend what this means, please refrain from ordering until you have read and fully understood the article showing you how to select the correct size.

Painting: Our Classic metal garden gate is a stylish, low-maintenance option. Its zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish keeps it looking great with minimal maintenance. It is ready for installation without any further treatment necessary.

See how the opening is measured to determine the correct size


Fixed hinges and latch diagram



Universal metal post installation guide



Need help with sizes? Refer to our easy to understand measuring guide

Need to order metal posts? If no suitable fixing point (such as a wall, fence or pillars) is present you will need to add metal posts to your order to provide a suitable means of hanging or latching the gate from. Where required please choose from the options below.