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How Long Does It Take to Install a Gate?

Whether you are thinking about having your gate professionally installed or are fitting it on a DIY basis, the length of time that it will take to complete the project will vary according to several factors. This will include the type of gate you choose, the difficulty of the installation, the site constraints, and the availability of additional materials, tools, and labour. Here, we will identify and explore the main factors that influence the time you should allow for a successful gate installation and go on to provide you with a general overview of the fitting process.

Factors Affecting Installation Time

Type of Gate

  • Swing Gates: Depending on whether you fit a single or double leaf design, this type of gate usually only comprises 1 or 2 pairs of hinges and a latch receiver plate. In most instances, they will be surface mounted to an appropriate support structure using suitable mechanical fixings and generally only involve levelling, measuring and accurately drilling holes and fixing the components into place. Due to the minimal number of elements and a more straightforward design, installation times should be quick.

  • Sliding Gates: This type of gate is much more complicated and time-consuming to install and not something we recommend for DIY installation. The fitting process involves many components, such as guide tracks, rollers, and gate operators. It also requires precise measurements and adjustments to be made by the installer; therefore, installation times can vary depending on the installer's competency, the gate size, and whether they are to be manually opened or automated.

Site Conditions

  • Layout of the Opening: How the opening is created will dictate the complexity of the installation. If the brickwork is in good condition, fitting should be easy. However, if you need to move existing fences, walls, and columns, or if the opening needs to be made bigger or smaller, it will be a longer process and will obviously prolong the project timeframe.

  • Ground Conditions: Soil composition, sloping ground, and drainage can influence installation. For example, if posts need to be set deeper into soft ground or underground services need to be moved, this will demand more labour and extend the installation timeframe. 

Preparation and Planning Approvals

  • Local Authority Permission and Approvals: If the gate is over a certain height or you live in a conservation area, you will need to seek the relevant permissions from the local authority. The time required for obtaining permission is a process that takes time. It will further add to the complexity of the project.

  • Design and Fabrication: If you select an off-the-shelf gate in a standard size, delivery will likely be made within a few days. However, if the opening demands a made-to-measure size or if you select a non -standard design, you will need to allow additional time for fabrication. Usually, this can take 4-5 weeks from placing an order. The more intricate and bespoke you choose, the longer it may take to manufacture the necessary components.

Access Control and Additional Features

  • Access Control: If you specify your gate installation with additional access control systems, such as keypads, intercoms, or card readers, your installer will need extra time for wiring, programming, and testing.

  • Additional Features: Automated gates must have other safety features like safety sensors to ensure safe operation. This is a specialist area and needs careful planning and installation, as it will require testing to ensure compliance with the relevant safety regulations.

Installation Overview

Although we are a supply-only company, from experience, if you choose to have your gate professionally installed, the timeline will generally be as follows:

  1. Initial Site Visit: Your installer will conduct an initial site visit to assess the scope of the work. Here, measurements will be taken; they will discuss the possible design options and requirements you would like and inform you of the feasibility of your requests. 

  2. Ordering the Gate: Once you and your installation company have agreed upon the design and specification, they can order the correct gate and associated materials. Remember, depending on the type, size, material, and finish of the gate you have selected, the lead time required for manufacturing can vary.

  3. Prepare the Site & Entrance: Before fitting the gate, your installer should begin the site preparation. It may involve removing old gates, ensuring a level surface for tracks and runners, running electrical cables, or carrying out any other relevant modifications required to successfully install the new gate.

  4. Installation: When the opening is fully prepared, the installer can begin the actual fitting process of the gate. You should note that the length of time this takes will vary widely depending on the type, size, and complexity of the gate you order.

  5. Automation: If you have selected automation, your installer must complete the electrical wiring and program the control systems. Following this, your installer must conduct thorough testing to ensure proper functionality and compliance with the requisite safety legislation.

  6. Finishing Touches: Your installer may need to carry out minor final adjustments before signing off on the project. 

Approximate Time Frames for Professional Installation

Aside from the preparation, ordering and planning stages, the length of time that it takes to install a gate can vary. As a rough guideline, the following timeframes should be allowed for:

  • Single-Hinged Gate: In most instances, this can be done in less than one day.
  • Double Hinged Gate: Installing double gates can take anywhere from 2 hours up to 2-3 days, depending on the size and weight of each leaf.
  • Single Sliding Gate: The proper sliding gate installation can take 2-4 days.
  • Double Sliding Gate: This complex installation will often take 3-4 days to ensure proper alignment and functionality of the two gate panels as they meet.

Please note that the above timeframes are estimates and may increase once the work begins as unforeseen circumstances or unknown site conditions may occur.

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