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Easy Ways to Secure the Boundary of your Property

Easy Ways to Secure the Boundary of your Property

In order to ensure your home is well protected against unwanted trespassers, it is essential that the boundary of your property is well protected and clearly defined. It is a proven fact that by having this measure in place you will greatly reduce your chances of becoming the victim of unlawful trespassers and crime.

Whilst the boundary can come in many forms, the basic essence of this idea is that by having something physical in place, it will prevent people from straying on to your property.

So take a look at the below information detailings the most popular methods achieving a secure boundary.


This form of defence is a great way of protecting your home and can look visually appealing to match. For the most effective security, the wall should be constructed so that it is difficult to climb over.

From a security aspect, a solid wall will also provide improved levels of privacy to your home enabling you to enjoy the outside space without having prying eyes watching your every move.

The drawback to this type of construction is that it is expensive due to the specialist skills required to construct, is very time consuming, in most cases requires planning permission and can sometimes leave your home looking like a prison.




Using a hedge as a natural defence is a great option especially when planted using hawthorn or similar species. Depending upon your available budget, you can opt for small shrubs that will grow up over time or select mature plants that will form an instant defence. Regardless of the age of shrub planted at the initial outset, a hedge will mature over time to form a thick, impenetrable barrier that will be virtually impossible to climb over or push your way through.

The drawback to this method of securing your boundary is that it will require regular trimming and pruning to prevent it becoming unsightly and overgrown.



Metal Fencing

Tough and durable, metal fencing is one of the most effective ways of protecting your boundary. They form a strong physical security barrier that is difficult to climb, provides increased design appeal and requires minimal amounts of maintenance to keep them in tip top condition.

Requiring no specialist skills to erect, a simple metal fence is built using a number of individual panels that are connected together using posts set into the ground. Depending upon your allotted budget, fencing is available in various specifications of steel so it will pay to shop around to find the best spec at the most affordable price.

Abbey fencing at boundary of property Abbey metal fencing panels



Metal Railings

Perfect for adding height to any existing walls, metal railings will make it more difficult to unlawfully enter the bounds of your property. Available in a wide range of modern and traditional styles to perfectly match your home`s exterior, railings are generally fitted between brick pillars and joined together using metal posts that are bolted down to the top of the wall.

Metal railings adding security to a brick wall



Garden Gates

Where there is a need to have a break in the boundary of your property to enable the homeowner to pass through, it is important this can be secured when not in use. As such, the addition of a garden gate to these points will provide a secure barrier when shut but provide ease of access when opened.

To ensure the maximum levels of security are maintained at these points, opt for a gate or design that can be secured using a padlock or similar device.

A choice of timber gates



Driveway Gates

The driveway of your property will be the biggest break in the boundary of your home and will require daily access. To ensure the boundary remains strong, it is recommended that high quality driveway gates be installed. Available in both metal and timber, to achieve the optimum levels of security you should try to select a design that will be difficult to climb over. 

Wooden Driveway Gates - Available in a Range of Styles and Sizes

High Security Tall Metal Driveway Gates & Estate Gates