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Installing Double Metal Driveway Gates

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How to Install Double Metal Driveway Gates

The task of installing double metal gates is something that is easily completed by even the most inexperienced of DIY enthusiasts. As long as they have been ordered in the correct size, you should experience no difficulties in the fitting process.

Please remember that metal gates will place added weight onto brick pillars, walls or posts so prior to commencing installation it is essential you are certain the structure will be strong enough to support them.

The Fitting Process

  1. Take the first gate and fit the hinges to the frame so you can begin to position it correctly within the opening.
  2. At this point you need to make an allowance for ground clearance (we usually recommend 50mm). The easiest way of allowing for this is to place a piece of timber under the bottom bar to bring it up off the floor.
  3. Place the gate within the opening and take the top wall mounted hinge plate and slide it through the i-bolt of the hinge so you can position it against the brickwork in the correct location.
  4. Once you are happy with this location mark the fixing holes as a reference point.
  5. Repeat the process with the lower hinge plate making sure the top hinge has not changed. Carefully check the gate is plumb with the assistance of a spirit level. Once you are happy it is vertical mark the lower hinge position fixing points.
  6. Remove from within the opening and stand to one side.
  7. Using a hammer drill with the right size bit for the fixings, drill all the holes that have been pre-marked on the wall.
  8. Insert the wall plugs or anchors (depending upon your choice of fixings) and push them full in until they are flush with the surface of the brickwork.
  9. Take the gate back to the opening and screw all the fixing in place.
  10. Once the first one if fully secured using all the fixing points, adjust the hinges so that it sits level.
  11. Take the other leaf and repeat the process only this time make sure it sits level with the first or you will end up with them fitted at slightly different heights which will not look good.
  12. Once both gates are swinging freely, you can add the latch using the nut and bolt to hold it in place.
  13. Close both leafs so they are perfectly lined up with each other, place the drop bolts on the ground and mark the location.
  14. Open both gates to the fully open position and repeat the process.
  15. Using the hammer drill once more, create holes large enough for the drop bolts to slide into.

The task of installing is now complete and all that is required is the addition of a couple of coats of high quality exterior grade paint that will not only protect the metal from rust but will also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Tools Required

  • Hammer
  • Spirit Level
  • Various drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Small selection of spanners