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Common Styles Of Garden Fencing

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Common Styles of Garden Fencing

In order to properly secure your garden, it is important that an adequate physical security barrier is in place to stop people from straying onto your property. 

Due to this need, one of the most effective solutions that is both cost effective and will maintain a visually pleasing appearance is to install some form of fence. 

However, with garden fencing being available in numerous sizes and designs it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming when making your purchasing decision and for that reason we have outlined some of the most common styles below.


Wooden Fence Panels

Grange Professional Lap Fence Panels Grange Weston Professional Lap 6ft x 4ft Wooden Fence Panels

A wooden fence panel can vary dramatically in price according to both the quality of the construction and the type of timber used. At the cheaper end of the market, most fences of this type are made from a rough sawn timber framework and infill panels. In these instances the wood used will not have been pressure treated with a preservative and as a result will require regular maintenance to prevent it succumbing to the elements.

Another problem with a cheap fence is that they can suffer damage from high winds and may result in replacements being required which is not only costly but also inconvenient.

In comparison, should your budget allow for it, the addition of well constructed pressure treated fence panels will prove far superior in terms of strength and durability and for that reason should be selected as your preferred option wherever possible.



Picket Fencing

Grange Tulip Picket Fence Panel

Grange Elite Profiled Picket Fence Panels

Ideal for the front of the property to help create a lasting first impression or for zoning a specific area within a garden, a picket fence is visually appealing and relatively cheap to erect.

Manufactured in a choice of styles, they will help to keep people from straying within your boundary and are especially useful at keeping pets and small children within a specific area.



Metal Fencing

Abbey Modern Metal Fencing Panels Abbey Metal Garden Fence Panels on a Residential Driveway

Whilst the addition of a metal fence around the perimeter of your home will provide great security and add to the aesthetic appeal, due to the design they only offer minimal amounts of privacy.

Available in a variety of styles, a metal fence is a great alternative to timber as it will need far less maintenance, be less prone to damage from high winds and will last far longer than its timber counterparts.