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Many people know that metal driveway gates are made to be strong, offering exceptional security, however, they can also complement new, traditional and historical homes. Whether you are looking to add value to your house, boost protection or enhance privacy, metal driveway gates can set the tone for your home. You’ll also enjoy all of the following advantages:


Physical barrier

Metal driveway gates are first and foremost an effective physical barrier. They can ensure your children or pets do not wander out to the street, whilst they immediately prevent strangers from reaching your front door. Whether you’re tired of salespeople walking up your driveway or you wish to add a strong visual and physical deterrent to prevent opportunistic thieves, you can finally have complete peace of mind with high quality metal driveway gates.


Create curb appeal

You can invest in metal driveway gates that are minimal, contemporary, decorative, elegant or elaborate – just browse our many designs here to get a taste of the styles available. By choosing a look that’s right for your home, you are also increasing your property value and as a result, making it easier to sell your home when the time is right.


Durable and hard-wearing

If strength is your top priority, metals like wrought iron and steel are leagues above wood or vinyl. With excellent shock damage, you can be confident that your metal driveway gates will serve you well for decades. Some people believe rust can be a major issue but it’s actually not the case. Wrought iron is an alloy, so it’s much more resistant to rust than regular iron, and only minimal maintenance is needed, such as washing, applying primer and lubricating locks and latches.


No unwanted cars parking/turning in your drive

A driveway should be a safe place to store your vehicle without the worry that your car could be struck by another vehicle. If you live on a busy road and regularly have vehicles using your driveway to turn around, or have a nightmare neighbour who parks on your driveway from time to time, you can finally put an end to it with a metal driveway gate, protecting your privacy and property.


Take full advantage of a bespoke design and manufacture

Though standard gate dimensions are suitable for most residential applications, sometimes a bespoke gate is the best option, especially if you want a design that matches your existing architecture. Whether you’d like your family crest incorporated into your design, initials or house name, a bespoke service from Garden Gates Direct will ensure you get the look you desire without compromising on functionality.

To discover more advantages of metal driveway gates, or to find a solution that’s right for your home, please send us a message or call our friendly team today on 0844 804 5577.