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Why Choose an Estate Gate?

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There are many reasons why you might choose an estate gate for your home. Perhaps you want to improve security, boost privacy or keep your pets safe and out of trouble? Below are just a few of the key advantages worth considering. 

Superior security

Estate gates provide superior security whilst avoiding the look of fortification. Generally, estate gates tend to be constructed for grander homes and built to the highest standards using top quality materials, however, wrought iron is widely recognised as one of the most popular materials for securing your premises and keeping your home and family safe. Estate gates can be further enhanced with innovative security features like coded keypads, intercoms or locks that function automatically. 


Remarkably durable

Whether you opt for a wooden or metal design, estate gates are incredibly durable. They can handle high traffic volumes without becoming damaged or warped, making them perfect for busy households.  


Complement the look of your home, architecture and surroundings

Your estate gates will be an extension of your home's architectural style, so it's essential to choose a design that elevates your property. Whether you're looking for a Victorian estate gate to help restore your period property or require a modern wood estate gate with natural warmth — complementing your home's new brickwork — high-quality estate gates can help you achieve your goals. Wrought iron gates are available in a diverse range of styles, spanning various eras, so you're sure to find the right size and style combination for your home. 


Privacy: It's vital to every homeowner

It's so important to have some privacy. Your home may be subject to visits from family, friends, neighbours, delivery drivers, postmen, and tradespeople on any given day. With an estate gate installed at the entrance of your driveway, you maintain control over who has access to your property. That said, the level of privacy does, of course, depend on the gate's design. Wooden estate gates are a very appealing choice for any homeowner looking to add privacy and security to the main entrance of their driveway.


Add value to your home

Estate gates are an appealing feature to potential buyers because of the security advantages and aesthetic appeal. Should you decide to sell your property, not only can an attractive estate gate add value to your home, but it can also help to set your property apart from others on the market.


Lower your insurance premiums

It may not be the top priority, but it's certainly a perk worth considering. With the installation of an estate gate, you are making your home more secure, which will lower your insurance premiums. It's said that one in four property insurance claims is for burglary and theft, meaning every small and substantial security measure could save you money long-term. Adding an estate gate is undoubtedly going to be a highly effective deterrent. 


Improve your quality of life

With an estate gate installed at the entrance to your driveway, not only will you benefit from added security but deter unwanted visitors such as door-to-door salesmen or people with suspicious intentions. You'll never have to worry about uninvited strangers snooping around outside your house when they know nobody's home!


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