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Benefits of Aluminium Gates

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Aluminium is well known for being incredibly lightweight – it is, for example, three times lighter than iron. Many people believe investing in a heavy metal gate is best for security, and while this may be true in some industrial settings, aluminium’s lighter weight often makes it the perfect choice for many homes.


Impressive strength

Aluminium gates deliver excellent all-round performance, with exceptional compressive, tensile, yield and impact strength. It may not be as strong as steel, however, it’s anti-corrosion properties mean it can stay stronger for longer, while it doesn’t become brittle during wintertime. Unlike many other metals, aluminium can be melted down many times and reused with its mechanical properties not weakened.


Elegant designs

As a lightweight material, aluminium is also more flexible, meaning more intricate, ornate or artistic designs are made possible. It’s also important to understand the lightness means fixtures and hinges do not need to support much weight, so for automatic gates, less motor power is needed, making them much safer to operate. With finishing you have plenty of options too, and aluminium is well known for guaranteeing a high quality surface finish. Whether you’d like a bright colour or a textured wood-effect finish to match your home’s architectural style, aluminium will give you plenty of options.


Simpler Installation

The low weight design also makes it easier to handle, so installations are generally much smoother than steel or iron. Joints are also more likely to perform better over a longer period.


Cost Effective

Many aluminium gates are available at a similar price point to wooden gates, yet aluminium is known to last longer, so you’re likely to save significant amounts in the long run.


Weather Resistant

Aluminium is highly resistant to weathering, even in industrial atmospheres that often corrode other metals. This means that aluminium gates can be much sterner during harsh weather conditions.


Low Maintenance

Unlike wrought iron and wood, you do not need to repaint or re-stain aluminium gates if they have been covered in a powder coating during the manufacturing stage, which is the norm for many designs. The paint is effectively fused into the metal surface, so regular maintenance is simply not necessary, while the gate can be made to look nice and clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth, so no special products are required.


Bespoke Designs

If you’re unable to find an aluminum gate that’s right for your needs, it’s possible to have one specially made. Aluminium is a great option for manual and automated gates, while it can lend itself perfectly to complex designs.  

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