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What Type of Garden Fencing Should I Buy?

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Installing a new fence is not a cheap undertaking and as a result you should carefully consider what is going to be the right one for your home. Get it right and you can transform the overall look of the exterior of the property but get it wrong and you can leave the home looking akin to a prison. So, we hear you ask which one is right for me?

There are lots of things to consider when making your choice and we have found over the years that no 2 homeowners requirements are ever the same. Factors including price, durability, privacy and security factor, style, size, height to name but a few all come into play leading to a minefield of decisions to make for the average customer. However we find that by breaking it down into 3 main categories the project can be vastly simplified thus taking the stress and hassle of out the equation. 

Metal fencing panels installed to the boundary of a back garden

What is the Purpose of the Fence?

Whilst this may seem like a daft question it is essential to understand what benefits you need the fence to provide you with. By this we mean what is its primary function. Will it be to add security, improve privacy from neighbours, keep pets in a safe space or is do you simply need it to look good?

Security – If this is the main concern then a wooden fence panel with a solid panel design and a height of around 6ft will make an excellent options. They are easy and fast to install, require little maintenance and cheap to buy.

Privacy – To screen the homeowner from view a fence with a trellis top is good because plants can be trained to climb though the open sections giving additional screening. Alternatively bamboo style screens place on top of existing fencing is a quick fix option.

Safety – If safety is your priority then a strong and secure option is the one to go for. For example our metal garden fence panels are tough to beat in terms of rigidity but offer little in the way of screening.

What Style of Fencing is Common on the Surrounding Properties?

Take a look at neighbouring properties or those in the same street to see what works best in your neighbourhood. If the main style is a particular type of fencing such as a vertically boarded option then it is probably a good idea to choose this as an option so as to retain a harmonious overall appearance to the street. Alternatively if you would like to stand out from the crowd then we would advice you choose something at the opposite end of the spectrum such as a contemporary fence panel. 

Top Tip! When making your choice make sure to check you are not in a conservation area or you may fall fowl of the planning restrictions in place.

Bespoke wrought iron garden fencing mounted to brick wall

What is the Architectural Style of your Home?

Look at the overall design of the property to establish its architectural style. Is it modern, traditional, country cottage, new, build, pre war or Georgian. Once this has been established it is easy to dismiss the styles that wont be suitable as there is no point putting a contemporary fence around a period home as it will not look right.

Top Tip! Pick an architectural feature (such as an arch, roof detail or similar) and try to find a fence that incorporates this.

In closing we hope this simple guide to choosing the right fence for your garden has be of use and might have even given you inspiration to improve your garden fencing. If it has you can see what types of fencing we have available within our online store or if you need further guidance then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us today to discuss your options.