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What Style of Gate Would Best Suit My Property?

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Whether you are looking to replace your existing gate or searching the market for the first time, there are many aspects to consider before making a purchase.

Your 'perfect' gate will complement the style of your house, blend in with the surroundings and provide a sense of security. That said, there are so many different characteristics and qualities to consider, but typically it all boils down to personal preference. At Garden Gates Direct, we've helped countless customers across the UK find the ideal gate for their homes, and we've added some of our top tips below to help you start your search for the right product.

Metal or Wood?

The two most common materials are timber and wrought iron. Generally, timber gates are designed to add warmth, personality, and privacy to your property, whilst metal gates also add tremendous character, yet you also gain immense strength and durability. You can find high-quality wood or metal gates that are built to last. Still, the levels of security, privacy, character, and strength vary from one design to another, so there isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer — it all depends on your taste.


Shape and size

Whether you're looking for side gates, estate gates or driveway gates, the number of shapes, sizes and styles will vary considerably. Fortunately, at Garden Gates Direct, we can deliver quality gates in standard sizes. Yet, we also offer an extremely popular made to measure service, enabling you to order your desired product in the exact size you require (manufacturing limitations apply). There are also various shapes and characteristics to consider, from classic bow top gates to sleek designs, arch tops and ornate detailing. Our chunky timber gates are ideal for maximum privacy at an affordable price, providing a simple and timeless design.



Security is always an essential consideration, but for many homeowners, it's about finding the right balance. For example, an industrial steel palisade gate may be highly secure and widely used for commercial properties, but it's not going to deliver the beauty and character you desire. When you explore our metal and wooden gate designs, you can narrow down on the perfect solution — one that's strong, durable, and attractive.


Architectural styles and eras

Every house tells a story about how it was built, when it was built and how it was influenced people, eras and cultures. Victorian houses are different from those made several centuries ago; similarly, homes built today are also very different from those that were constructed even 20 years ago, so it's essential to spare a thought for your home's architectural style. From Georgian houses to Victorian, Queen Anne, Edwardian, Addison, mid-1930s, 70s or brand-new homes, we have an extensive collection of garden and driveway gates to complement the look of your property and add to the resale value of your home.

If you'd like to learn more about us or wish to speak to our team about your plans for a new gate, please call 0844 804 5577 or send us a message, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.