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What is The Strongest Driveway Gate?

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An impressive driveway gate will not only enhance the look and feel of your home but also keep unwanted intruders off your property. You shouldn’t have to arrive home after a long day at work to feel unsettled or anxious. Your home is your haven and there are plenty of ways to maximise security, but for us, it all begins with the boundary. There’s no better solution than robust fencing and a strong driveway gate.


Metal Driveway Gates - Restrict access in style

Wrought iron metal gates are just as longlasting as they are low-maintenance. With that almost brute combination of security and style, not to mention anti-rust properties and the ability to ward off corrosion (when properly maintained), these metal gates provide a strong and durable barrier to the entrance of your home within budget.

Available in an array of decorative and complex designs, wrought iron metal gates will complement a wide variety of traditional and modern homes. Arguably one of the most robust gates due to its weight, iron metal gates will require strong, solid posts to support them.

Wooden driveway gates - A classic choice

Wooden gates may be known to bring a timeless, classic charm to your property but that’s probably not the main reason people love them. They work as an effective, solid barrier to the entrance of your driveway and at the same time, they remain a cost-effective longterm solution for those protecting their home, without compromising on look. The natural characteristics of the wood make wooden driveway gates perfect for the traditional home and can even be painted to compliment the look and feel of a modern home.

Unlike metal gates, wooden gates need more regular maintenance to remain robust in virtually all weather conditions. Due to the material's natural susceptibility to warping, you will need to carry out some manual work to prevent mould or rot from occurring at times, but some would say that’s a given. Be sure to keep the wood clean from any dirt or grime that may build up, yet also consider applying a wood preservative that will seal the timber, and protect it from water damage.

If peace of mind (and having no onlookers to concern you) is important, wooden gates may do the job. They are often built as a row of wooden panels, meaning climbing or looking into your property is highly restricted. Ultimately, it becomes more difficult for people to look in or enter your driveway.

Aluminium driveway gates - Stylish and practical

Aluminium is hailed as one of the latest innovative materials to be used for driveway gates. You may have seen this throughout your local town or village. You get a range of benefits over traditional metal and wooden gates. Not only does aluminium boast a superior, contemporary structure, but it is also highly resistant to corrosion due to the lack of iron, meaning it requires little to no maintenance.

Available in an array of eye-catching powder-coated RAL paints, these impressive gates are professionally treated to resist rust and, therefore, do not bend or distort when exposed to the elements. You also have to keep in mind that due to their lightweight nature, aluminium gates can be made to fit any space and are easy to install.

What Type of Driveway Gate Should I Choose?

Depending on your needs and requirements, choosing either a metal, wooden or aluminium driveway gate will no doubt prove to be a wise investment. All of which provide strong, durable protection to the entrance of your home and are available in a wide variety of designs to suit any taste or budget.

No matter the size, here at Garden Gates Direct - we offer hundreds of high-quality driveway gates available in a range of sizes and styles at competitive prices. With fast nationwide delivery and excellent customer service, we can help you find the perfect gate for your home in no time.