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What is The Difference Between a Log Cabin and a Summerhouse?

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We're often asked about log cabins, sheds and summerhouses. We felt that with more people thinking about their gardens as we head towards summer, it would be beneficial to detail some of the key differences in the construction of log cabins and summerhouses.

A log cabin is typically made out of logs that have been milled into rectangular shapes and are notched at the corners, while a summerhouse is more like a regular house, made with studs and often complete with insulation, siding and roofing. Log cabins are often considered more rustic and are popular for use as vacation homes. On the other hand, summerhouses are often used as places to relax or entertain family and friends in the garden. Summer houses usually have a 7 – 12mm wall thickness, which is akin to a high-quality garden shed. Log cabins have much heavier cladding, ranging up to 70mm, which could be made from northern Scandinavian pine.

Why are summer houses so popular in the UK?

Summerhouses are very popular in the UK, as they offer some extra living space without committing to building an entirely new house. They can be used as backyard offices, guest houses, or simply an additional living space when the family gets together. They're also a great way to add value to your home. According to a recent study by Zoopla, a summerhouse can add an average of £5,000 to the value of your property. So, if you're looking for a little extra space in your back garden, a summerhouse is ideal. They are available in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs.


Outdoor relaxation – rain or shine!

Summerhouses aren't just for the summer; many people use them all year round. They're a great place to relax in the sun or get out of the rain. Some come with heating and insulation to use all winter long. Since they're made from wood, they have a natural, rustic feel that many people find appealing.


Stylish, cosy and versatile

A summerhouse can also be used as a gym, playroom, dance studio, photography studio, podcasting hub, office or dining room. You could also use it as a place for guests to sleep, or it can be a cosy snug all year round. Some people put a TV and a sofa in their summerhouse so that it becomes an additional living space.


Do I need planning permission for a summerhouse?

A "permitted development" is a term used in the UK to describe anything built on your property, including garden structures such as a shed, greenhouse or summerhouse. A permitted development does not require planning permission because these structures are categorised as such. However, some limits must be complied with before determining whether or not planning permission is required. If, for example, a garden structure is to be constructed within 2m of the property line, the height of the eaves of the building may not exceed 2.5m anywhere on the property. It must also be single-story, lack a veranda or balcony, and only be used for domestic purposes.

We hope this information was helpful. If you have any further questions about a summerhouse or log cabins, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team on 0844 804 5577.