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What are the Different Types of Wooden Gate?

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Whilst a fence, hedge or wall will add privacy and security to the majority of your homes boundary it is also important that the various entrances are also well protected. For this reason, a wooden gate will play an important role in determining the overall level of privacy and security your home can benefit from.

Which Wooden Gate is Best?

The type of gate you require will be largely dictated by the location it is to be installed. Each property is unique in its design and security requirements however in general the most common locations for a gate are as follows:

  • Front Gardens
  • Driveway
  • Side Entrances to the Garden

Here we look in more detail at which gate is most suitable for each application.

Front Gardens

A gate located at the front of your property is best used to clearly identify the boundary of the garden. Unless you live in a high crime rate area, a simple lightweight option around 3 – 4ft high is sufficient. In all instances, you should try to match the height of the gate to that of the adjacent fencing, wall, or hedge as this will achieve the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Commonly, the driveway entrance will form the largest break in the boundary of the property and will therefore need careful consideration when it comes to selecting the most appropriate gate to suit your individual requirements. Points to consider are the swinging radius of the gates, the level of security and privacy required and the level of use they will get. For daily access a strong and robust pair of gates is a sensible option but for only occasional use a lighter weight pair will be sufficient. In terms of the swinging radius, consider the amount of space that will be needed to open and close the gate with the vehicle in situ. If they cannot be operated with a car on the driveway, they will be rendered useless so if space is tight, it may be worth considering a non-even split design or even bi folding gates that are a great space saving option.

Side Entrances

In most instances the side entrance to your property is a vulnerable access point and for this reason a taller wooden gate around 6ft high is an excellent choice as it will provide a visual deterrent, add greater privacy, and ultimately enhance your security. Many wooden gates are available on the market for these areas of the home and we suggest a heavy duty design is the best option to go for as they will be long lasting, rigid and robust.

What Timber is Best?

The majority of wooden gates for sale in the UK are manufactured from softwood in order that they remain affordable. Broadly speaking the will fall into 2 classifications

Untreated Timber

These gates are manufactured from smooth planed timber and need to be stained or painted prior to installation in order to prevent rot and decay as they become exposed to the elements. In addition to this, regular ongoing maintenance will be needed to keep the gate in good condition.

Pressure Treated

Gates of this nature are still manufactured from smooth planed timber but benefit from pressure treatment which imparts a preservative into the core of the timber during the manufacturing process. This means they can be installed without the need for painting or staining.

Which Gate Design is Best?

Timber is a great material for the manufacture of gates as it is easy to work with, has an aesthetically pleasing appearance and if maintained correctly can last for many years meaning they are also great value for money. In term of the best design, we suggest finding a design that blends in with the surrounding location. For example, arched gates look great in country cottages. In comparison, gates with horizontal or diagonal boarding are more suited to modern styles of architecture.

A Wide Range of Options for Sale Online

Here at Garden Gates Direct we have a large range of wooden gate designs for sale at some of the most competitive prices online. So if you need to beef up your home and garden security please feel free to browse all the options we have within our online store or for more information please get in touch today using our enquiry form and we will be on hand to offer impartial advice.