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What are Garden Railings?

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Garden railings can add perimeter security, privacy and character to your garden, yet they can also create a sense of additional space, especially when compared to fencing. 

Whether you're looking to add an attractive border to your garden, wish to add height to your brick walls or want to create a more intimidating border to deter vandals and thieves, garden railings can provide the perfect blend of privacy, personality and protection. Most metal garden railings are made of wrought iron because it's robust, durable and resistant to dents, bending and shock damage. Yet, it's highly workable too, meaning there are plenty of intricate designs to choose from, giving you free rein to define the right style for your property. Below are just a few of the key advantages in more detail. 



Improve security without breaking the bank

Garden railings are highly effective in creating a tough border for your garden or driveway, yet they are also very cost-effective. You can add height to a low boundary wall or use them as a deterrent to stop people straying onto your property. Weak spots are more common with timber fence panels because they are more prone to wear, but with wrought iron metal railings, you immediately make it more difficult for burglars to climb or break through your border.  


Keep your children safe

Metal railings can also ensure your children can't wander out of your garden into the main road, giving you peace of mind when they're playing in the garden. If you have children or pets, it may be beneficial to choose metal railings with clean lines or curves rather than spear spikes, for added safety. 



Steel and wrought iron are two of the most obvious choices if you're looking to maximise durability. Our Manor Garden Railings feature solid steel framework and infill bars, whilst the more intricate Regent design flaunts large decorative wrought iron style scrollwork. Both options are stylish and durable, capable of providing strength and durability for decades.


Excellent value & versatility

Our garden railings are available from as little as £64 including VAT (at the time of writing this article), yet you're able to incorporate them into your existing brickwork to elevate security and privacy. At the same time, you improve your garden's look, which ultimately adds value to your home. This combination of value and versatility has made our garden railings immensely popular across the UK, and we have a wide range of styles to choose from. 

If you'd like to learn more about our products or wish to see some examples and better understand how you can increase security, safety, and style, please send us a message or call us on 0844 804 5577.