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Why are Picket Fences are Sill in Demand?

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History of picket fences

Picket fences have been around for centuries and were initially used to keep livestock in (or out) of an area. Eventually, they became a popular fence choice for homeowners because they were relatively inexpensive to build and maintain but looked pretty, primarily when painted white or treated to allow the warm character of the timber to come to the fore. Today, picket fences remain a popular choice for homeowners across the UK for many reasons, as detailed below:


A touch of farmhouse charm

Picket fences are often associated with rural properties and country living. They can bring farmhouse, rustic styling to any home, no matter its location. Whether you own a cottage in the countryside, a bungalow on the brink of town or a new build in the city, a picket fence can drastically improve the exterior of your property.


They're great for security (without looking too imposing)

Picket fences are ideal if you want to create a secure boundary around your property without making it look imposing on visitors. It's also worth keeping in mind that many different styles are available. Picket fences can feature simple round tops or more intricate and decorative details, as highlighted in our collection, which you can explore here.


Easy to install and relatively low-maintenance

Today's fences are relatively low maintenance. Depending on the product you choose and the type of finish, you may only want to treat your fence with a wood preservative to keep it looking its best every few years. In terms of the installation, the trickiest part is digging the postholes. The difficulty level will obviously depend on the fence length and how hard the soil is, however, once the posts are in, the rest is relatively straightforward.


They can increase your property value

A picket fence will make your home look more attractive to potential buyers, but you can also add value to your property. A neatly kept and well-maintained picket fence is an asset to any home.


Elevate safety for children and pets

If you have small children or pets, a picket fence can help to keep them safe. Picket fences create an enclosed space that can be used as a play area for children or a safe place for pets to run around and explore without worrying them wandering off.


Picket fences are timeless

We've talked about the history and character of picket fences, and it's clear this form is not going out of fashion any time soon. These fences will never go out of style because they are the epitome of classic countryside living, delivering quintessentially British elegance to any home, old or new.

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