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The Pro`s & Con`s of Single and Double Driveway Gates

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Are you looking to install driveway gates to the front entrance onto your property but can`t decide between a large single leaf or smaller double leaf design? If so we hope to be able to give you an insight into the benefits and drawbacks of each design and therefore why they may or may not be suitable for your property.

For the purposes of this article we will consider single and double gates to be defined as follows.

  • Single Gate: This design is made up of 1 single gate leaf. The hinges fit to one side of the opening and the gate latches onto the other side of the opening (ie to posts or brick pillars).
  • Double Gate: This design is made up of 2 equal gate sizes and features hinges on both sides of the opening. The gates latch in the middle and are held in place using a drop bolt.

So now we have outlined the 2 options here are some of the basic pros and cons to help you make the right choice.

Single Driveway Gate

Single Wooden Driveway Gate


  • If you are planning on automating the gate only 1 x gate motor will be required
  • Installation time is reduced as only 1 set of hinges needs to be mounted to the supporting structure
  • They offer a slightly easier means of locking the gate (no need for lockable drop bolts).


  • Due to their design they have a large swinging radius which is typically equivalent to the width of the opening. This means a gate to fit a 10ft opening would swing back onto the driveway by 10ft. Whilst this may not be a problem is the drive is large it will pose a serious issue for the majority of UK properties when vehicles are parked.
  • Due to their lack of popularity they are only available in made to order sizes.
  • All the weight is put onto to single pillar or post .
  • Larger posts are required to accommodate and cater for the additional stresses placed onto it by the gate.
  • Are heavier and more cumbersome to open and close and are not very convenient for pedestrian access.
  • Larger size components are required to make the gate (to prevent it sagging under its own weight) which leads to an increase in price.

Double Driveway Gates

Double metal driveway gates fitted to front entrance of home


  • With a 50/50 split configuration the gates have a swinging radius of only half the width of the opening making it easier to park on the driveway whilst still been able to close the gates after you.
  • The weight of the gate is split across each gate pillar / post
  • Available in a larger range of standard sizes and designs.
  • A smaller swinging arc makes them easier for pedestrian access.
  • With the gate only needing to span half the opening width smaller size components can be used helping to make them more affordable.
  • Both gates can be opened and closed independent of each other.
  • Smaller supporting posts can be used helping to maximise the clear drive through width.


  • Double the amount of hinges means double the installation time
  • When automating the gates you will need to purchase a motor for each leaf.

In closing, as you can see from the lists above there are lots of positives and negatives to consider when choosing new gates however here at Garden Gates Direct our sales trends show that in around 90% of cases a set of double driveway gates is the right option for the homeowner.

To find out more information about our wide range of standard double driveway gate designs or to get a quote for a custom made single leaf gate either take a look through our online store or get in touch with us today by phone or email to see how we can help you to secure your home.