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Metal Fences vs. Others

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Unusual and varied home designs have been admired in the recent years. Social media has made fun of UK house building to an extent that it’s becoming a meme; new developments, which lack character and sometimes even attention to detail. It would be wrong to say that this is true for every newly built development in the UK, but even those who possess older properties with period features are thinking about how they can make their home special and one-of-a-kind by adding charm and personality.

So, what are some of the quick steps a homeowner can make to not only add value to their home, but deliver privacy, security, and style at the same time? One great place to start is your fencing. If you’ve got a lovely front or back garden of any size and want some strong durable attractive fencing, then there are quite a few options open to you.


Metal Fencing

Although you may not see it in every village or town, metal fencing is gaining popularity. It will give homeowners so much character, style, and strength without stress during installation. Just have a look at our Saxon Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Fence Panels, and you’ll see just how much allure embodiment of this design adds in contemporary-modern as well as traditional settings. Moreover, the top-quality construction of these fences guarantees years of securing convenience – thus also including fitted packs for mounting brick/wood/metal posts. That’s an example of what today’s metal fencing might be like and do for your residence—yet many find its practical advantages overwhelming.

Metal fences are affordable when installed; they have no carbon footprints, instant curb appeal and least demanding up-keep.

Wooden Fencing

It has been said that fencing accounts for a large chunk of UK softwood consumption each year. Several favourite materials used for making fences include Pine Spruce Douglas Fir Cedar Redwood while here in Britain there are many types of hardwoods used to build fences such as Oak Iroko Teak Meranti Balau. Surely, with so much choice wooden fence panels are best for most homes. When it comes to look, cost, privacy, and ease of installation, wooden fencing can deliver the goods over a very long time if maintained well.

Nonetheless, posts and panels may be susceptible to pests like mould as well as rot if not protected by concrete gravel boards and posts which would in turn increase the overall price of your fence when not properly taken care of. Wooden fencing is the favourite option for many homeowners in England since it blends perfectly with all sorts of surroundings including trees, shrubs, pots plants, sheds summerhouses or fresh grass lawns; while at the same time you can improve privacy and guarantee high level security.

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is usually 100% recycled and made from 60% FSC Certified hardwood fibres plus 40% recycled plastics, which include some tints and bonding agents. In the end, this sort of fence looks smart, lasts well, and provides a firm surface that has no spaces. It can be very contemporary in style and one of the great advantages is the wide range of colours and finishes available. Additionally, posts and panels can be mixed-and-matched for two contrasting colours.

Vinyl Fencing

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a plastic-based material, forms vinyl fencing that resembles compost fencing because it does not crack or split easily though it generally needs little maintenance over a long period of time. Nevertheless, it may still get damaged by impact or extreme weather such as heavy winds or hailstones, but it cannot decompose naturally. Fortunately, good quality vinyl fencing usually lasts for up to thirty years with only occasional light cleaning needed for its upkeep!

From elegance to character through strength to durability metal fencing is your best bet. Despite not being the cheapest option around, metal fences are not at all costly. Additionally, one should consider how easy it is to maintain that makes people opt for this product nowadays more than any other fence types available in the market.

On that note, however, this type may not be a good selection for privacy hence necessary factors have to be evaluated based on personal requirements of an individual’s family members including themself too. We hope you found this helpful but if you need more information or would like to speak with someone on our team then don’t hesitate!