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Making a Metal Gate Enquiry – What Information do We Need?

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If you need to buy a new metal gate for the garden or driveway and would like to make an enquiry about one of our products, we will require some basic information from you. This is so we can get a full understanding of your specific requirements during your initial enquiry.

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The information that we will require is as follows:

Size of the Opening

Fitting Between an Existing Opening

For most customers, metal gates are normally fitted directly between 2 existing walls. In these instances, we will only require the measurement of the actual opening. Please do not provide us with the size of any existing gates as this is irrelevant to your enquiry.

To establish this simply measure from wall to wall.  Do not make any deductions for the hinges or try to complicate thing any more than this as you will encounter problems with the sizes as we will base our quotes on the gap size alone (we will make the required calculations for the hinges and latch).

Fitting to an Area Free from Walls

If the gate is to be installed in a location where no existing walls are present, then you will need to use metal posts.

In these instances, measure the total overall space you have available and provide us with this measurement. We will then be able to make the required calculations to allow the gates and posts to fit into the space available. Again, please do not make any deductions as this will complicate things.

Gate Design

Please let us know the design you require from the options we shown online. They can all be found in only a couple of clicks so please spend some time finding a product you like before sending your enquiry.

To help you find a metal gate you can select from the categories below. We are confident you will find a style to suit your tastes and budget.

When searching for products, each product page will have a drop-down menu showing the available standard sizes (remember these are listed as the opening size the gate/gates will fit into) with the price displayed.

As an alternative if these sizes do not suit your needs, we can also offer made to measure for most options.


If you have an awkward opening that you need to fit a gate into, we would appreciate a photograph or the opening to fully understand your requirements. As the old saying goes “a picture says a thousand words”.

Other Relevant Information

If you feel any other information may be relevant to your enquiry, please feel free to provide this. It does not have to be a thesis. Just a couple of sentences is usually sufficient to fully understand your needs.

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Made to Measure Sizes

The metal gates we have for sale online are all standard sizes and are manufactured in large production runs which allows the costs to be kept as low as possible.

In comparison, our made to measure metal gates are just that. They are made specifically to your individual requirements. This means they not only take a lot longer to produce but also cost more in terms of raw materials, labour and powder coating so do not make any comparison of the prices of the standard gates against that of the made to measure option.

Think of it as the difference in price you would pay between an off the shelf suit at a high street store and having a suit made for you on Saville Row. You would be surprised at the number of customers who think that just because a gate is smaller than a standard size it will also be cheaper. This is simply not the case. 

Services we do not offer:

Site Visits

As an online only retailer, we do not offer site visits. If you are unable to take accurate measurements, please employ the services of a company who can offer this service or get a builder of tradesman to take measurements for you.


We do not offer an installation service, nor do we have any recommended installers.

We can however provide basic installation advice prior to ordering however if you are not capable of installing the gates yourself, we always recommend you employ a builder or handyman to carry out the work for you and double check your measurements. This is because we rely solely on the information you give so please make sure this is accurate as mistakes can be costly.

Sliding Gates

Currently, we do not offer sliding gates. Our driveway gates are made up of a 50/50 split configuration.

Privacy Sheets

We are unable to offer any metal gates with a sheet welded to the framework that will add privacy.

Matching Existing Hinge Positions

We do not offer a service where we match the position of the hinges on a new metal gate to that of the existing fittings you may have in place. If you have existing fittings these will need to be removed as only those supplied with the new gate will be the correct type and design to be compatible.

Bolt Down Posts

If you need metal posts for the gate, we can offer wall mounted or in ground options. We do not offer bolt down posts as these do not provide an adequate means of support.


Whilst our range of heavy-duty metal gates are suitable for automation, we do not offer automation kits. We also do not offer advice on the best motor to choose as this is a complete minefield.

Digital Locks

For our heavy-duty range of gates such as the Corfe, Royale Talisman, Royale Ascot and Royale Premier designs we are able to offer a heavy-duty mortise lock for an additional charge which uses a key however we are not able to offer any kind of digital lock, intercom system or other similar item.

Hot Dip Galvanised Options

Our gates are supplied with either a primed black undercoat meaning you will need to paint it prior to installation. Alternatively, we also offer a zinc plated and black powder coated finish. We do not have a hot dip galvanised finish available.

Delivery Outside of the Mainland UK

We can deliver to any mainland UK postcode. We do not deliver to any other area as we are limited by the options our courier services provide.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above information. Once you have got all the required information, please feel free to email your details to and we will be on hand to provide you with an accurate and competitive quote