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How to Maintain & Look After Your Gates

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Whether you're looking to increase the lifespan of your wooden driveway gates or have several metal gates in your garden, it can be very beneficial to keep them clean and protected at all times. Firstly, you keep your home's exterior looking great, prevent the build-up of rust (if you have metal gates) and maintain strength, which is very important in terms of security. There are various aspects of maintenance worth considering, depending on your gate's size, style, materials and features.



Preventing rust or metal fatigue on hinges and latches

If you want to maintain the maximum life expectancy of your metal gates or prevent rusting on hinges and latches, it's essential to keep them clean and lubricated. Firstly, clean off any dirt or dust with a broom or damp cloth before applying WD40. This is an effective product when it comes to preventing rust build-up. You can also add rubber buffers at ground level on either side of the post, preventing damage from heavy weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, sleet or snow. It also protects against salt corrosion in wet conditions or chipping caused by car doors opening onto the gate post during icy weather.


Checking any bolts

A gate may have various bolts that should be checked for damage, tightening or replacement (if necessary). If you see any signs of rust, you may wish to apply the same treatment as above, or new bolts may need to be installed.


Regular cleaning

Most high quality wooden and metal gates are designed to be low maintenance. That said, if you do regularly wipe down your gate and remove dirt, grime and dust, you will undoubtedly improve the overall look of your gates and minimise damage.


Paints and primers

If your metal or wooden gates are already painted, then you may need to check whether any existing paint is flaking or deteriorating, and if so, you’ll need to remove with a wire brush. An emery cloth can remove light rust where required, whilst you can then follow up by combining primer and paint, using a roller, brushes, a sprayer or a combination of the three.


Keep a close eye on pests

Pests can cause all manner of destruction, especially when you have electrical components, such as electric swing gate kits. If any problems reach the circuit boards, you can encounter major issues, so do look out for signs of pests and call in the experts if needed, especially where electrical components are involved.

We hope you found these tips helpful, but if you have any questions about the measures you can take to increase the lifespan of your gate, please do not hesitate to contact Garden Gates Direct. We stock an extensive range of driveway, estate, and garden gates — available to buy online in various sizes.