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Consider Metal Railings to Enhance the Look of your Home

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This past summer we conducted a survey of customers asking them what they thought was the best way to enhance the appearance of the front of their home. Whilst the results did vary according to property type the most common answers were as follows:

  • Enhance the look of the garden using plant posts and eye-catching flowers.
  • Keeping the hedge and lawn trimmed and maintained.
  • Storing the bins out of sight.
  • Power washing the driveway.
  • Painting wooden fence panels.

Whilst all these answers do seem to be obvious, they all look at the property from the homeowner`s perspective rather than what you may see as a visitor to the home or from an outsider`s perspective. By this we mean how does the house looks from the street.

With this in mind, for any homeowner looking to make their property stand out from the crowd the installation of elegant metal railings to the perimeter of the garden will enhance the look and feel of your home, cut down on maintenance of the natural borders and increase security by adding height to the boundary.

So now we have identified metal railings as offering many benefits to your home here we detail what options you may consider, their cost implications and their suitability to your property.


Whether you live in a modern or traditional home there is a wide range of metal railings on the market that will suit your tastes. From simple ball top finials seen on our Manor range through to the more elaborate designs such as our Regent design with decorative scrolls you can tailor the look to suit the properties architectural style and your personality.

English Rose Railings fitted to boundary wall


If your home currently has a low boundary wall the addition of metal railings will look great. Simple to install using bolt down posts they will add a striking appearance whilst adding height which will help with security. Alternatively, where no wall is present the use of posts set into the ground using concrete is also a viable option however this does require a little more effort from the installer to get things fitted correctly.

Furthermore, where an access gate is required they can also be designed into the layout of the railings making them an excellent all-round choice for any residential setting where restricted access and improved aesthetics will prove beneficial.


Due to the higher costs associated with metal railings you should expect to set aside a considerable budget if you a looking to undertake a project of this nature. The price will vary according to the complexity of the project, the design you choose and the specification of the steel used to make up the items required so expect to pay at least triple that of wooden fencing of the same size.


Unlike a natural boundary such as a hedge which requires regular pruning to keep it looking neat and tidy metal railings require virtually no maintenance whatsoever. Other than the occasional coat of paint to prevent rust there really is very little that can go wrong with them making them perfect for the time conscious lifestyle of the modern property owner.

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more information about metal railings, why not look at some of our best-selling designs shown below or refer to this case study to see the transformations possible. Alternatively, for help and advice choosing the correct items to suit your needs feel free to get in touch with us today and we will be on hand to help.

Winchester metal garden railings


Saxon Railings and Side Gate