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Can Winter be a Good Time to Install New Gates?

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Theres no better time than to start thinking about how you can create a happy, safe, secure and beautiful home. For many, wintertime is ideal for relaxing and conjuring up new ideas, however, you don't have to wait for the warmer weather to arrive to make your plans a reality. Winter may be the perfect time to install new gates, actively improving the quality of your home and lifestyle, whilst adding value at the same time.

So, the short answer to this question is "Absolutely!" Winter can be an excellent time to install new wooden or metal gates for your driveway, side passage or garden, and we've added some of the key reasons below.



Fewer distractions

If you're someone who likes to be exceptionally well organised and plan ahead, the winter months are an ideal time to install new gates. When schools reopen in January and people head back to work after their annual leave, there is very little distraction around the home during the colder months. This period can give you more free time to order the right gates at the right price with a high-quality installation.


Favourable weather conditions

During January, we often see minimal temperature variations. If the weather is relatively mild and not frozen, you don't necessarily have to wait until winter is over to start installing your gates. With most trees, shrubs and plants dormant in the colder months, you don't have to worry about damaging your plants when installing gates.


Your fence is ready to face the winter weather

Whether you opt for a wooden or metal gate from Garden Gates Direct, you're guaranteed excellent strength and durability, no matter the weather.  Our gates are manufactured to the highest standard using the best quality materials, making them perfect for a winter installation.


Ease of installation

Most of our gates can be installed within just one day, regardless of the size or complexity of the gate. This is thanks to our easy-to-follow instructions and simple assembly. Therefore, you simply don't need several dry weeks with very warm or mild weather conditions.


Affordable prices

Whether you require an ornate Victorian wrought iron driveway gate for your stately home, require a modern wooden garden gate for your new build or need a series of minimalistic metal gates to create enclosed areas in your garden, we provide the most competitive prices all year round — including wintertime! We combine our discount prices with fast delivery and easy online ordering, making the process smooth and stress-free.

Many people put off significant changes until the weather warms up, however, it's clear the winter can be a great time to make improvements to your property. If you're looking for a garden gate, we have hundreds of metal and wooden designs to explore, covering garden gates, driveway, estate and side gates. If you need any help or assistance placing an order or wish to speak to us about your needs, please call us on 0844 804 5577.