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According to a report by Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch, one in three adults has been a victim of neighbourhood crime, whilst 41% of those individuals were victims of burglary. These alarming figures show just how important it can be to ensure your garden is as secure as it be, and thankfully with technological advancements and high quality products, it is possible to tighten security measures and keep your home and your family safe. Below are just a few of the top ways to keep your garden secure.

Walls and fencing

Typically, boundaries can be secured with adequate wooden fencing or brick walls yet you can also plant “defensive” shrubs to improve efforts, such as thorny climbing plants. Trellis can also discourage burglars, adding more height to fencing as well as privacy, especially when combined with flowering vine plants.


With high quality gates that can be easily locked, you can maximise protection. It’s vital to choose a material that’s strong and durable, such as wood or metal, and generally, the more gates you have, the more protected the areas of your grounds will be. For example, having a set of estate gates or driveways gates can deter burglars, but when you also include side gates to other areas of your property, you’re creating more problematic areas for burglars, deterring opportunistic thieves.


It’s said that the United Kingdom has more CCTV activity than any other European country, with many homeowners choosing to have home security systems installed, allowing them to monitor their homes and gardens at all times. CCTV is so much more than a deterrent to vandalism, burglary or trespassing; it’s a means of acquiring vital footage in the event of a crime being committed.

Routine checks

Lastly, it’s important to highlight just how vital it is to routinely check for vulnerabilities, especially before you go to bed. You may want to ask yourself:

  • Have I locked the shed, garage or other outbuildings?
  • Are all doors and windows leading into the home locked?
  • Are all CCTV cameras in operation with clear views?
  • Has the security alarm been set?
  • Are the curtains and blinds drawn?
  • Have the outside lights been switched on?
  • Have all of the belongings in the garden been securely stored away?

These are just a few of our top tips for securing your garden. At Garden Gates Direct, we prove that a high level of privacy and security can be achieved at competitive prices. Having been supplying the very best quality wooden and metal gates across the UK for many years, we understand what it takes to secure a garden and deter opportunistic criminals.

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