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Wrought iron has long been praised for its strength and durability, and understandably so. It has been used as a building material since the earliest days of civilisation. 

Wrought iron gates & door furniture was commonplace in Roman times, though this was, of course, nothing like the wrought iron available today. More ductile 'wrought' iron was produced at the start of the Industrial Revolution, and over hundreds of years this iron alloy has certainly proved its worth. Yet, it remains popular to this day, especially where metal gates are concerned. Below we take a look at a few of the key benefits of wrought iron gates. 


Supreme strength

Compared to wood or vinyl, wrought iron is immensely strong and highly resistant to dents, bending and shock damage. You also don't have to worry about rot and rust, which can occur with timber and aluminium gates. It's also worth pointing out that wrought iron is very malleable, meaning it can be heated and re-heated. In doing so, and by working wrought iron into various shapes, it grows stronger. Therefore, finding a striking gate for your garden that's built to last is much easier when you explore our collection of wrought iron gates. 

Low maintenance

We've already touched on the fact that wrought iron is less susceptible to damage than other traditional materials, so when you invest in a high-quality wrought iron gate, you will only ever need to wipe or hose it down to keep it looking its best. For added protection, it can be beneficial to add a new coat of rust-resistant paint every year. 

Paves the way for beautiful designs

Wrought iron gates are available in a diverse range of designs. Whether you're looking for an interesting pattern that gives your home's exterior a unique decorative appearance, or you are seeking a contemporary gate with clean lines that complement the surrounding brickwork, you'll unearth a broad range of modern, casual, traditional, elegant and sophisticated styles. Wrought iron can be worked into almost any shape, presenting opportunities for bespoke designs. 

It can pay for itself

With an impressive wrought iron gate that's installed correctly, you can increase the value of your home. Gates play a pivotal role in maximising security, privacy and exterior styling; therefore, you're more likely to attract prospective buyers than the 'similar-sized house down the road'. With boosted kerb appeal, your new wrought iron gate can prove to be a wise investment.

An added layer of protection for your home

We all want to live in a house that's safe and secure, and when it comes to choosing the right gate, wrought iron is a fine choice. It is intimidating enough to deter 'would be' intruders or thieves, yet homeowners can also add automatic openers for enhanced security and convenience.

If you're looking for ideas, you can view our wrought iron gates online. If you don't have time to search, you can always request a FREE quote from our friendly team on 0844 804 5577.