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Benefits of Using Wooden Fence Panels

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Wooden fence panels are practical, stylish, affordable, timeless and provide a welcoming appeal that's difficult to beat.

Adding wooden fence panels can improve security, heighten privacy or completely transform the feel and look of a space, however, there are many different styles and finishes to consider. Whether you're looking to add a robust layer of protection to your garden or improve the look of your outdoor space, there are plenty of reasons why using wood for fence panels is wise.

Formidable boundary

Wooden fencing provides excellent privacy, yet it's also a very reliable border for your garden, primarily where lengths of timber fence panels are used. You can quickly and easily build a fence that acts as a boundary between your garden and your neighbour's plot, preventing intentional or accidental trespassing. Wooden fence panels are difficult for intruders to climb, especially with vertical boards.  

Supreme privacy

Metal fencing is often praised for its strength; however, nothing delivers privacy quite like wooden fence panels. Whether your children are playing on the lawn, you're hosting a barbecue, entertaining a few friends or relaxing in your summer house, it's nice to feel as though you're tucked away from the outside world with no eyes peering into your garden space. Whether you opt for a horizontal weave or a boarded pattern combined with a timeless diagonal trellis top portion, you can completely block a neighbour's view of your garden whilst boosting style.


Elevate character

Timber is available in various styles, and that's even before considering the stains, paints and varnishes to choose from. Whether you prefer the natural warmth of timber or modern Sorrento wooden fence panels finished in a contemporary shade of grey, we have you covered. Garden Gates Direct supplies durable wooden fence panels with up to a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee. Our products combine eye-catching designs with strength and durability, bringing a contemporary feel to any garden setting.

Divide areas of your garden

When you use wood for fence panels, you can create dividing areas in your garden. Whether you'd like to make a private area for alfresco dining, a space where your children can play or a tidy section to hide your garden storage boxes, the process of dividing areas is easy with wooden fence panels.

Easy to maintain

Wooden fences are relatively easy to maintain. You have to consider that colour may change over time with exposure to the sun, whilst any timber that's unvarnished or oiled is susceptible to rot and insect attack. Therefore, it's essential to ensure your fence is well maintained throughout the year with a healthy coating to protect your panels against the elements.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of using wood for fence panels, feel free to explore our various fencing products that will add character, privacy and security to your garden. For any further information or advice, please call us today on 0844 804 5577.