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Regency Metal Garden Gate

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Regency Metal Garden Gate

The Regency Metal Garden Gate will create a dramatic statement at any pedestrian entrance. Handmade in the UK, it`s designed to give a timeless appeal in any setting, with elements such as metal scrolls and a substantial central motif detail contributing to the overall image. It is available to order online in various sizes and includes the hinge and latch components as standard, making it exceptional value for money.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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An excellent option to secure any pedestrian entrance point on your property is the Regent Metal Garden Gate. It benefits from a traditional wrought iron style appearance, is skilfully built in the UK, is available in a variety of popular sizes to accommodate a wide range of common opening widths, and is of great value. The gate has a robust construction with 10mm metal infill bars, a sturdy steel framework that is 20mm x 8mm, and beautiful scrolls that are 10mm x 3mm. It includes a pair of surface-mounted hinges and a universal latch mechanism, making it perfect for mounting into different surfaces, including brick, wood, or metal posts. Before installation, paint the gate with the colour of your choosing on its black-primed surface.

Regency 3ft High Wrought Iron Style Garden Gate Specification

  • The aesthetically pleasing design creates a unique appearance at an inexpensive cost.

  • Available to purchase online in a selection of sizes.

  • It is manufactured in the UK using high-grade solid steel components.

  • It features a 20mm x 8mm metal framework, 10mm infill bars, and 10mm x 3mm scrollwork. 

  • Suitable for left or right-hand hanging.

  • This product includes adjustable hinges and a universal latch to enable left or right-hand hanging.

  • The Regency metal gate has a black primed surface ready for you to paint to the colour of your choice before installation.


Height (once installed)

  • 920mm (3ft) + top scrolls



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): The "fits opening" dimension is the gap size needed between your brickwork and posts. We already include the space taken up by the hinge and latch elements within these measurements; therefore, you do not need to make any additional allowances for these items.

  • Height: This measurement denotes the distance from the ground to the top of the framework (including an allowance of 50mm for ground clearance). This height does not account for the decorative scrolls over the top rail.

View the measuring guide for help with ordering sizes

Example Ordering Size

You must select the option from the drop-down menu that reads "fits opening 1220mm" if the distance between the walls is 1220mm.

Do You Require Metal Posts?

You will need to add metal posts in the absence of a support structure. Please ensure you have the additional space required for these components before placing your order.

Example: A total width of 1320mm is needed when ordering a gate to "fit an opening of 1220mm" and 2 x 50mm posts.



Do You Need More Knowledge & Advice?

We recognize that picking the right size might be challenging. However, the methodology is described in detail if you use our simple measuring guide. As an alternative, we provide further assistance in the FAQ, installation instructions, and buying guide pages. Please use the enquiry form to contact us if you are still searching for the information you need.

We can offer made to measure sizes - Click here for the full details

We also have lots of educational content available on our website. Here are some of the support pages that our customers find to be the most helpful.



Significant Information About the Regency Metal Garden Gate

Fittings: Two surface-mounted adjustable hinges, a universal latch mechanism, and a receiver plate for mounting on posts or walls are all included. You need to purchase the right screws to fasten these components to the surface of your choice.

Metal Posts: Choose the appropriate type of metal posts for your installation if they are required. If you use in-ground posts, position them at the right level and secure them with concrete.

Installation: Make sure the structure to which you are mounting the fittings can provide the necessary support before you begin the installation. When installing the gate, follow the supplied instructions and use the proper screws to secure the hinge and latch components.

Width: The dimensions of the opening or gap that must exist for the gate to fit are shown in the "fits opening" measurements. These measurements take into account the space needed for the hinges and latch. It does not indicate the physical width of the gate. If you still need more information, read our guide on selecting the right size.

Painting: Your Regency metal gate has to be painted before installation to prevent the steel from rusting or corroding. Alternatively, you can upgrade to an electro-galvanized (zinc-plated) and black powder-coated paint finish for an additional charge.

Measuring guide diagram


Hinge and latch layout illustration



Click here to go to the measuring guide

Are you looking for posts? You will need to buy metal posts to fit the gate into a location without a wall or other suitable structure. In these situations, please select from the possible options in the product menu.