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Regency Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates

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Regency Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates

The Regency Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates are exceptional value for money and will make a bold statement to any driveway entrance that requires additional privacy and security. They benefit from robust box section steel construction, have decorative scrollwork for an ornate appearance, and can be purchased online in a selection of sizes to suit many residential locations.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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Metal Posts (In Ground):

The Regency Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates will provide a formidable design statement to the main entrance of your property. Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, these front entrance gates have a welded 25mm x 25mm box section framework for superior strength and feature ornate scrollwork together with 10mm infill bars. The steel surfaces are primed black during construction and are ready to be painted to the colour of your preference before installation. Available to buy online in a selection of sizes to suit most domestic driveway entrances, the Regency design is supplied with easy-to-install surface-mounted hinges, a latch and a drop bolt to ensure they remain in the correct position when closed.

Regency 6ft High Double Metal Estate Gates Specification

  • Ornate metalwork creates an individual style.

  • They are manufactured in the UK using high-grade solid steel components.

  • Available to order in a selection of sizes.

  • The Regency tall double gates will provide privacy, security and aesthetic appeal to any driveway.

  • Built with 25mm x 25mm box section frames, 10mm infill bars and 10mm x 3mm scrollwork.

  • Supplied with adjustable hinges, latch and drop bolt.

  • The steel surfaces have a black primer applied at the factory and are ready to be painted to the colour of your choice before installation.


Height (once installed)

  • 1830mm (6ft) + top scrolls



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): This measurement describes the size of the opening you will require between your existing walls or posts. The dimensions already include the space needed for the hinges and latch; therefore, you do not need to make any further allowances for these components.

  • Height (Once Installed): This measurement includes an allocation of 50mm (2") for ground clearance. It is taken from the ground to the top of the uppermost framework. The decorative scrollwork on top of the frame is not included in the height.

Read the measuring guide here if you dont know what size to select

Example Ordering Size

When the distance between your brickwork, posts or other existing support structure measures 3050mm, you will need to select the size option "fits opening 3050mm".

Do You Need to Include Metal Posts?

Should you require the addition of metal posts because of the lack of an appropriate support structure present, it is essential to remember that you will need additional space for the components.

Example: If you select the size option "fits opening 3050mm" and include 2 x 100mm metal posts, the total overall space required will become 3250mm.



Are you Looking for Additional Help & Guidance?

Please fill in our enquiry form if you require further information about this product. Alternatively, we provide you with lots of help and advice pages online. These can be located by referring to the measuring guideFAQsinstallation guide and buying guide. Alternatively, if you cannot see the size you need, we offer a made-to-measure service to ensure the perfect fit.

We have a made to measure service available - Find our more here

If you would like to read more general information about a range of topics relating to this product, please view the pages detailed in the links below.



Important Information About the Regency Estate Gates 

Fittings: Each pair of gates comes with an in-ground drop bolt, surface-mounted adjustable hinges, and the latch fitting. The screws required for installation are not included with the hinge brackets.

Posts: Strong metal posts are required to give the requisite amount of support in the absence of a masonry structure. If you choose in-ground posts, ensure they are properly embedded and supported by concrete.

Installation: The hinges may only be fixed to your current brickwork if the wall is robust enough to sustain the weight of the gates. Please see the installation instructions for further information.

Width: The "fits opening" parameters in the menu describe the gap size between masonry or posts. It does not reflect the product's actual physical width. If you're unsure what size to get, please read and follow the guidelines on our "how to choose the proper size" page.

Painting: During the manufacturing process, the Regency Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates are primed with a black undercoat. You must paint all surfaces before installation to avoid rust and corrosion. Please get in touch with us before ordering if you want to upgrade to a low-maintenance electro-galvanized (zinc-plated) and black powder-coated paint finish.

Metal Estate Gates Measuring Diagram


Adjustable double estate gate hinge fitting guide


Read the measuring guide if you need help with ordering sizes

Where an upgraded specification is required or no suitable support structure is in place to hang the gates, we can offer you the following options.

  • Metal Posts 

  • Zinc-plated (electro-galvanised) and black powder-coated finish 

  • Mortise lock with key (replaces the standard sliding latch)

  • Lockable drop bolts

To find out the costs of these items or to discuss your options, email or fill in our online enquiry form.